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“Think of discipline as your success”

Kamyar Shah, COO, states World Consulting Group is a Management Consulting Firm with a small client base. Many years ago, we set out to provide a broad range of consulting services, and we remain committed to that goal. We've incorporated new services ranging from machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve human capital selection. In addition, we have retention methods as well as tactical and strategic team cohesion using digital tools.

The position of Fractional Chief Operating Officer brings with it challenges that are unfamiliar to most senior operations executives. Nothing beats discussing what I believe to be the most important underlying factors in my success: planning and discipline. In 2021, the most difficult hindrance was coping with the leadership teams' growing awareness of the importance of team cohesion, and we were able to effectively deal with it.

It is not difficult if a well-thought-out strategy is drawn up and followed. I've also made it a point to include reading industry-specific journals, blogs, and, most importantly, case studies in mine and my teams' daily routines. For us, being "in the loop" is the name of the game. If my team and I didn't keep up with the ever-changing technologies and methods, we wouldn't be very good at what we do, says Kamyar.

It's difficult to pinpoint a specific moment, project, or action when my efforts began to bear fruit. I believe it was more of a "snowball" effect that resulted from a series of little, steady victories. Referrals from previous and present clients are extremely important to me. However, due to the nature of our industry, this technique is neither universal nor appropriate for the vast majority of other companies. After years of trial and error, we've decided to employ that method as our principal means of business development, adds Kamyar.

Kamyar disagrees with the core premise: says, yes, we don't have competition; we do, however, we have peers. There is no competition with them, instead, we work together. My view on that has always gone against the grain of popular opinion, and I've had a lot of success for almost 25 years.

Our inspiring feat, on the other hand, stems from a series of small victories, which is the nature of true and constant advances that add up to a "snowball" effect and lead to long-term success. WCG is now working on a number of interesting and challenging projects in the fields of health care, Neurodivergent / Neurodiversity, SaaS, autonomous drones, and electronics. We're also using machine learning and artificial intelligence to help with R&D in manufacturing automation. We've been able to deliver laser-focused solutions that have had a big impact and will continue to do so in the future. IE


Kamyar Shah


Kamyar Shah


The exact duties of a chief operating officer can vary from one company to another. As a result, COOs in different industries could list tasks and responsibilities that look only mildly similar. For this reason, it’s difficult to define COO based on a general list of duties. Some companies operate without a COO. This is especially true for smaller companies. Other companies may have two chief operating officers. For example, large international organizations may have two COOs, with each handling a different set of tasks typical of the position in that industry.

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