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“The Perfect Business Texting Solution”

John Wright started his career building marketing databases for businesses to better target their customers and prospects using direct mail and catalogs. He saw early on that email was rapidly becoming an excellent marketing channel and was one of the pioneers in transforming organizations into Email Service Providers.

"Hands down the number one form of communication for our reps.”

John’s experience in the messaging technology space led to his interest in the fast-growing SMS texting industry and its use as a B2B and B2C messaging channel. His experience with messaging platforms and his passion for solving problems are two key factors driving the success of TrueDialog— A leading SMS provider for mass text messaging, SMS marketing and personalized 2-way SMS texting at scale.

John leads TrueDialog through a continuous improvement process developed through over a decade of carefully listening to customers and industry experts. “We believe businesses of all sizes can provide a better experience and superior service for their customers by leveraging text messaging to communicate through a combination of personalization and automation,” adds Mr. Wright, CEO of TrueDialog.

TrueDialog was founded based on the rapid growth and adoption of SMS messaging as the preferred channel of communications for consumers. The company enables businesses to easily reach their customers with texting to increase response rates, convenience, speed of service and overall satisfaction. Today, more than 7 trillion text messages are sent each year, and this channel has become more important than ever for businesses to add to their overall communication strategy. “We truly believe in our tagline of “Built for Big Business, Made Easy for Small Business” because we have invested over 10 years of resources building our solution to exceed enterprise standards while making it easy to use and affordable for small businesses alike,” adds John.

TrueDialog enables seamless texting with both Short Codes and Long Codes all combined in the same reporting thread. John explains that long codes are traditionally used for more personal and one-to-one texting with customers, and short codes are used for sending mass text message notifications. Some providers do not support two-way texting with short codes, but TrueDialog can support two-way text message conversations whether it’s one-to-one or one to thousands and easily transition messages between short code and long code to ensure a seamless experience for customers.

TrueDialog also provides truly native texting integrations for businesses to leverage their existing CRM software. “Many text messaging providers claim to have similar features, but when it comes to integrations, this is where we separate ourselves from the pack,” adds John. “The first part of any integration offering is an API centric foundation of your platform. This allows the TrueDialog service to be integrated into any 3rd party or home-grown software that businesses deploy more securely.” This further allows TrueDialog to offer truly native integrations with major CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, SIS systems like Campus Management, and Marketing Automation providers like HubSpot and Marketo.

The company’s SMS integrations allow users to leverage the unique customer data from their CRM to create more personalized text message communications. For example, with TrueDialog’s Salesforce integration, users of Salesforce can create customized message workflows that automatically send unique text messages to different contacts based on specific triggers. TrueDialog prides itself on being able to streamline communication while keeping the personal touch.

TrueDialog continuously enhances products based on customer feedback from 1,000s of customers using their software, “doing our best every day to add new features that make our customers lives easier and their businesses more efficient,” adds the steadfast leader. Upcoming projects include adding more SMS Texting integrations and more messaging channels into the platform.

TrueDialog currently offers SMS, email, and voice, and is in the process of adding more messaging channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and RCS messaging. “We’re also highly focused on security with recent updates to our platform and additions of world-class monitoring and detection systems that make our platform even stronger and more reliable,” says John.






TrueDialog is the preferred SMS Texting solution for enterprise businesses and higher education. Send text messages one-to-one or one-to-millions in just a few easy steps. TrueDialog’s cloud-based SMS Texting software and SMS API are ideal for businesses serious about scalability, security and compliance.

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