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“Making Work-From-Home Simpler”

John Lee is a pioneering leader who believes people make companies, “I have never seen or heard of a company making people great. However, I have seen hundreds of times whereas people have made companies great.” With that in mind, John tends to hire qualified individuals and allow them to utilize their creative thinking skills and problem-solving skills and make decisions on behalf of the company based on these qualities. “We also have a work environment that is conducive to getting the best in the industry. Without creative thinking, especially when the social and professional “norms” change.”

John is a support system to the budding entrepreneurs who are trying hard to establish themselves. He offers them advice that would make them unique. “No one likes a “so what” service or company. I also advise on what other entrepreneurs want to hear for them to want to help other budding enterprises,” he says.

He has learned that listening to all information first before making any statements or implementing them in action is crucial. John has also known that the key for any business to survive is to keep an open mind about how to improve the company's bottom line. John doesn’t make ego-driven decisions for the company. Armed with this mindset, he incorporated HomeWerx, LLC (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Acceliris, LLC), born out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Everyone would likely agree that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed how corporate America accomplishes work tasks and where they accomplish them from,” explains John. “If you are like many other IT leaders, you have concerns surrounding the security of home user’s devices, who may have access to them, how they access company information, the health and support of those home units and the professional image your company has displayed in the past.” HomeWerx™ offers the home office user a solution that addresses all the needs of a home-based employee while meeting the requirements of the internal IT policies.

Remote tools to assist all employees in working anywhere, anytime. John implements the most secure devices for corporate employees using thin-client technology through the HomeWerx “Office as a Subscription” service offering. This patent-pending service will change how corporations provide IT and IT services to their internal end-user communities.

The key Differentiator in HomeWerx lies in the patent process. HomeWerx is currently the ONLY company globally that provides home-based employees with all the tools they need to work from home more securely, more efficiently, and professionally (using noise cancelation technology), which drives the cost down significantly for corporations. Because this is a “subscription-based” service, it also conforms to IRS 162, which allows corporations to write off at least 25% or more of the monthly cost each month.

HomeWerx uses a variety of strategies to market its product. They currently have ad campaigns using Youtube and Facebook and have armed their sales staff with contact information of relevant decision-makers in the Fortune 2000 space. They are open to other options as the budget becomes available.

Having just launched in January 2022, the company is working towards trademarking and filing for patent status. However, John has spoken to over 1100 industry experts and business owners over the past year regarding the viability of the HomeWerx platform, and not even ONE of these experts has stated the solution was a bad idea or would not work.

“We are in the full swing of a marketing campaign currently. The HomeWerx Office as a Service product will benefit clients in many ways once they adopt the service.” John has been hitting the road and attending meetings with HR professionals, CIO and CFO, and any conference they may attend to spread the word about HomeWerx. “Check back in a year and hopefully you will see a company that is among the fastest growing in the world.” IE


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John Lee
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Our solution offers the new corporate homeworker a complete package to include a standardized, professional image of the employee to the outside world no matter where they work from.

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