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John Abi Habib

John Abi Habib President of mCloudServ LLC Certificate

Pioneer of Turnkey Solutions

John Abi Habib, President at mCloudServ LLC & CEO @ MSI Net Inc has always been focused on technological solutions. He started his career, after graduating from Brooklyn College with a Master's degree in computer management information systems, as a teacher of computer science at Brooklyn College and CSI, but realized he wanted to do a lot more. "I started the computer science department at St. John's University in Staten Island & Queens campuses around 1988. But I wanted to start my own business," says John. "And I'm proud to say that the company has been serving some of the finest organizations, businesses and institutions in the community since then."

"MSI Net & mCloudServ have shown a steady increase in revenues over the past 25 years and has consistently maintained a profit through out every quarter over these years."

According to John, cloud services and cloud management have become a part of our lives. MSI has transformed its ideology and services to meet those needs and mCloudServ plays a key role in all the services they provide and deliver solutions at a very fast pace. As a result, they are able integrate these services with existing solutions to bring more of the security and deliverables to the clients, enabling them to work in more secure environments and at faster scale. "Our turnkey solutions and our edge into technology have enabled us to be a major part of the educational system," says John. "We were able to develop a mobile app back in 2000 that enabled the faculty and staff in schools to manage students' records and profiles." Also, their steadfast ability to modernize and keep exceedingly current has given the company the strength to move with technologies throughout the cycles from PDAs, to mobile devices, to server based and now cloud based solutions. All of this has allowed John and his team to address the educational needs of the students and faculty and enable them to work from home and school, enhancing their skills and engaging them in classroom chats and projects.

Recently, a non-profit with 20 locations, connected on one network and was able to share resources and services. They had one Wi-Fi network, one-IP-telephone, support that allowed 20-plus nurses & over 250 employees to connect remotely with consumers on an individual basis. In addition, they were able to connect all security systems in order to monitor their special-need consumers remotely utilizing security IP and tracking. "So, we must stay on the leading edge of the newest developments in modem technology and be willing to diversity." John and his team are always ahead of the curve, and so they can adapt easily to changing platforms. This has enabled them to assess their needs and offer them the most up-to-date secure service available. "With recent challenges, we were able to assist our clients and help them deal with the COVID-19 crisis. All of our clients were able to operate and manage their businesses and services remotely; that allowed us the advantage to be flexible and hands-on without letting them skip a beat," says John.

John served as chair of Community Board 10’s Communications Committee and during the Bloomberg Administration, served as South Brooklyn Economic Development Chair. Both Mayors of NYC, Giuliani and Bloomberg appointed John in different economic development committees and small business committees; during including the formation of the Fifth Avenue and 86th Street Business Improvement Districts. By serving on the board of trustees of Maimonides Medical Center and over 20 years on the board of trustees of Bay Ridge Federal Credit Union.

Being a pioneering leader, John advises the future entrepreneurs who want to make it big in the market to simply believe in their work. "Know your clients well and adapt and scale yourself and your staff to the needs of your client," he says. "Start the business, grow steadily and always stay connected to the trends in technology. And very importantly, stay on top of the latest trends and be willing to change as you see it fit."


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MSI Net & mCloudServ have undertaken various projects where they have supervised/coordinated with managers, vendors and end-users. These include the setup of many trading rooms, with full support for Traders, Back and Front offices, K-12 schools, City agencies, and major corporations.

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