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Jim Farris
Chief Executive Officer of Mosser Capital

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“A Visionary Leader”

Mosser Capital CEO Jim Farris has spent the past 10 years leading all facets of Mosser Capital, the investment management affiliate of Mosser that provides institutional and high-net-worth investors the ability to partner with a fully integrated real estate platform and proven community investment model. During his tenure, Jim built Mosser Capital from the ground up, founding the initial business plan, continuing to set its strategic vision, developing capital partner relationships to expand the platform, and managing all other aspects of the firm.

Jim has delivered spot-on, visionary leadership, an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit, and the unique ability to identify scalable investment opportunities. He deeply understands the value of Mosser’s history, how to leverage it, and has created a modern infrastructure for investors to participate in. Since Mosser’s founding in 1955, and with Jim’s successes on the investment management side, the company has become a highly sophisticated leader in urban workforce housing with a portfolio that includes more than 100 commercial and ground floor retail spaces and 3,000+ multifamily units, serving neighborhoods throughout California, with roots in the Western gateway cities of San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

As a lifelong entrepreneur who is adept at taking diverse businesses from concept to reality, Jim’s has accomplished this with Mosser Capital. Joining forces with Neveo Mosser, he has transformed Mosser from a family investment business to one now infused with institutional capital, as a vertically integrated investment management and operating platform. Mosser is now able to work at a larger scale, with more geographical diversity, and greater focus on workforce and affordable housing. His strategy has been very successful, positioning Mosser in California as a leading investor, acquirer, and operator of value-add workforce housing.

Driven by a Strong Foundation and Set of Values

What sets Mosser apart are its core values and foundation which have been built and implemented over the long term. Mosser is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion and proud to be a minority-owned enterprise with nearly 85% of its employees reflecting the same. For six decades, the company has been investing in communities, with many properties under ownership since the 1970s and a commitment to making improvements in the local neighborhoods where Mosser does business through donations and voluntary work with charitable organizations. No competitor can replicate Mosser’s unique position and perspective or rival the Mosser team’s collectively deep networks.

"Jim has delivered spot-on, visionary leadership, an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit, and the unique ability to identify scaleable investment opportunities."

According to Jim, on a macro level, the pandemic threatened naturally occurring affordable housing and caused an even greater need for affordable workforce housing. This has provided Mosser the inspiration to double-down its efforts to seek out partnerships with institutional investors and expand Mosser’s footprint and positive impact in the affordable housing market. The company is looking at different opportunities to produce, convert, and preserve affordable housing. During COVID, Jim began outreach to policymakers and stakeholders with the goal of simplifying the current legal and political process in California to preserve and create more affordable housing.

Technology Improves Mosser’s Advantage

Jim has championed Mosser’s proprietary integrated investment platform which delivers unmatchable in-house expertise and enables Mosser to acquire, substantially upgrade, renovate, manage, and lease the company’s apartments. The system helps Mosser maintain high long-term occupancies, control costs, enhance net operating income, and amplify value over time for the benefit of residents and investors.

The pandemic also gave Mosser the impetus to get more connected to residents and be supportive of the challenges of their day-to-day lives. It is behind their development of a COVID Taskforce to address how residents and employees have been served throughout the crisis. The pandemic heightened the need for Mosser, as an investor and an operator, to have their finger on the pulse of what is happening at the property and unit level. They have spent the past 18 months further developing Mosser’s proprietary technology platform to remain on the cutting edge of multifamily real estate investing and management. Jim is spearheading the company’s modernization of its multifamily and workforce housing technology and maintain its best-in-class operating and investment platform within the rapidly changing tech environment.

Over the next three months, Jim will drive the implementation of Canopy Analytics, which maps financial and operational data across the platform and Knock, a marketing analytics application that tracks lead-to-lease information across ILS (internet lead sources) to pinpoint the best marketing sources at each asset in real-time. The company will also leverage ESG technology such as Measurabl, to better measure and report on its impact on ESG, improve its efforts internally, and report on this progress to external investors transparently. IE


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Jim Farris
Chief Executive Officer of Mosser Capital


Mosser Capital is a leading investor, acquirer, and operator of value-add rent-stabilized urban workforce housing in transitioning neighborhoods across major West Coast gateway markets. Since its founding in 1955, Mosser has grown to roughly $1.5 billion assets under management and a portfolio of over 3,000 rental apartments in historical and diverse neighborhoods throughout San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

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