Jeff Ghaffari Founder/President ePossible

Jeff Ghaffari
Founder/President ePossible

Jeff Ghaffari Founder/President ePossible Certificate

“Successful Cloud Journey”

Cloud is still considered an unchartered territory for many. Its myriad of choices and continuous evolvement is enough to make most people feel uneasy. If that is how you feel, you are not alone. Unpredictable costs, under or over subscribing, choosing the right components, are a few examples of major concerns for decision makers. You are like the captain of a ship in unchartered waters. Your biggest concerns are heading the right direction and managing limited resources. Just as a compass offers a reliable sense of direction, an experienced cloud solution team on your side has shown in many cases to be the difference in success versus major headaches or possible failures. Of course, it goes without saying that the safest choice is picking a team that not only has lots of experience but can also assist with all aspects of the process including Infrastructure, Development, and Security.

Incorporated more than two decades ago, ePossible® has culminated into a leading technology solution provider with a highly skilled engineering team specialized in AZURE and AWS. The team has impressive experience in newer technologies. They have built and managed portals servicing over 27 million users globally and are currently delivering full service DevOps, Cloud solutions, Security, and Co-managed IT to clients helping them harness the power of IT to gain competitive advantage, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize ROX (Return on Experience).

The company originally started as a consulting practice helping the up and coming DOT COM firms that needed sound advice on infrastructure and development of Interactive Web solutions, then shifted to delivering IT service to entities ranging from SMB to Fortune 500 within various industries including oil, finance, logistics, legal, and construction. Currently, the company has three divisions: Development services spearheaded by CTO/Partner Vishal Bamba, former Vice President of Emerging Technology - Global Engineering & Architecture at Transamerica (a Fortune 500 company). Managed IT, and Managed Cybersecurity divisions are run by the company’s founder and President Jeff Ghaffari.

Automation is going to play a big role in future and especially during the economic turbulence that might be ahead. In 2020, the company is planning to utilize its enterprise level experience in key areas such as Emerging Technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain), Power BI, Azure Data Factory, AWS Data Pipeline, and QuickSight to help clients in both SMB and Fortune 1000 gain visibility into future with predictive modeling as opposed to the old way of using reports to learn from the past. Given the extent of Enterprise experience within the team, there won’t be any time wasted on learning-curves that most up and coming firms would have to go through mostly at client’s expense.

In a world where product design decisions are made based on features and functions from a purely logical perspective. It is very refreshing to find creative companies like ePossible who approach the design process with all stakeholders in mind. It is a reminder to all of us that experience alone is not enough to become a good solution provider. “Every technology solution could use a touch of creativity to increase its rate of adoption and success, just look at what Apple has done! Every migration (partial or full) is done after a thorough analysis of clients’ infrastructures and dependencies as well as users’ level of readiness for a change” says Jeff Ghaffari.

As more and more businesses are trying to move their legacy applications built on older technologies to the cloud, they need help from firms that are not only familiar with older programming languages but also well-versed with the latest and greatest cloud technologies in order to make the transition smooth. ePossible® believes that all engagements must start as true partnerships. “The business executives that I have met understand the value of their time and want to make sure that their account is more than just a number on the vendor’s books. Our innovative approach to problem solving, relentless pursuit of excellence, and commitment to service are the main factors for those who choose ePossible® to work with” explains Vishal. A look at what they have accomplished is a testament to their original tagline: “making the impossible, ePossible®”.

Their latest project is a mature legacy application with very complex logic that has been perfected over 20 years allowing the client to service fortune 500 companies’ domestic, international shipping, and Inventory management with 100% success rate track record. The goal is to migrate the application entirely to the cloud and to make it a pure web-based application. “The process has two main components: one is the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) where ePossible® is eliminating the need for hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment on local infrastructure by utilizing pay-as-you-go cloud infrastructure,” explains Vishal. “The second part is using micro services, containers, and Kubernetes to build a modular application to allow for ease of future enhancements without potential side effects to the rest of the application.”

Through a unique process, ePossible® helps its clients create additional source of revenue using a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. “As their partner, we manage all the behind the scene technological aspects of the delivery and maintenance. This is something we can easily do for any company in any industry,” says Vishal.




Jeff Ghaffari
Founder/President ePossible


Founded in 1998, ePossible is a leading technology solution provider dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes harness the power of IT to enhance operational efficiency and maximize ROI. We offer a host of business technology services from managed IT and cyber-security services to telecommunication and application development services.

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