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Jeff Brodsly
CEO Chosen Payments

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“A Man with a Plan for Success”

The term, "natural born leader" is used to describe someone with an inherent vision to lead. While some people are hired to be a CEO, Jeff Brodsly, the CEO of Chosen Payments was born to be a CEO. He began building his empire while still attending high school. Brodsly's inclusion to the Ten Best CEO's of 2020 was an easy choice based on the phenomenal growth and success of Chosen Payments. This unique credit card processing company, launched by Brodsly in 2008, has grown into one of the nation’s most prestigious credit card processing companies. Brodsly's great vision propelled Chosen Payments onto Inc. Magazine's list of Fastest Growing Companies in America. Chosen Payments was named the 800th fastest growing privately held company.

"Chosen Payments provides cutting edge solutions to our partners including merchants, associations and ISV’s. Facilitating software integration with proven technology boosts our client’s performance while saving them money."

The Beginning of an Empire

Brodsly began his career in the credit card processing space as a merchant-level salesperson before growing his business to a national level. It was during his high school days that Brodsly became involved in a business academy and the desire to become an entrepreneur began taking shape. His leadership skills would help lead the Moorpark High School Business Academy and he became very influential in recruiting other students to become a part of it. This gave Brodsly great pleasure and the desire to lead others to success, a trait he carries with him to this day. It was while participating in that 1996 academy that Brodsly first coined the motto, Your Partner in Success. That motto would one day become the motto of Chosen Payments. The motto doesn't simply apply to being "partners" with the thousands of merchants Chosen Payments serves but also to the 150+ employees of Chosen Payments who are also treated as partners rather than employees.

While Brodsly never considered himself a bookworm, he knew that achieving his dream of being an entrepreneur would require him to pursue a higher education. He enrolled in San Diego State University and majored in sociology. Brodsly admits the decision to major in sociology was based solely upon being the easiest program to earn a degree. Little did he know the information he would learn about the human mind in his psychology and sociology classes would become a major benefit and skill set that would help him immensely in growing his future business.

Defining Chosen Payments

As a visionary, Brodsly embraces technology and delivers unique solutions and services to Chosen Payments merchants that clearly push the company to the front of the pack in the credit card processing space. These offerings include customized point-of-sale integration, offering their own gateway integration and software development kits, contactless payment technology, gift card and loyalty programs. Chosen Payments even offers technology-based marketing assistance for their merchants. Chosen Payments offers a mobile app that allows business owners to conduct business from anywhere.

Since the launch of Chosen Payments, Brodsly has consistently received recognition from both within the credit card processing space as well as industry trade associations who endorse and partner with Chosen Payments to serve the processing needs of their membership. Chosen Payments employs experts in the vertical markets served that can talk the talk and walk the walk of specialized markets like jewelry, funeral care, pet care, food and beverage, luxury ground transportation and others. Brodsly maintains a hands-on approach with Chosen Payments staff, merchants and business partners. The company's marketing tagline since inception has been, "Delivering White Glove Service" and it isn't just a motto but rather a mission for all company associates to live by. The company was founded in Brodsly's hometown of Moorpark, California but has since grown to include offices in Utah, Michigan, Kansas, Arizona and Georgia. In 2013, Jeff was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Moorpark Chamber of Commerce in a nod to the hometown boy who found success and thus, drew a national spotlight on the little town of Moorpark where 37,000 residents live and Chosen Payments corporate headquarters are still located.

Achieving Success

Brodsly's accomplishments and success has earned him a spot on our Ten Best CEO's of 2020. Brodsly has also appeared on the front of many magazine covers, featured on FOX and CBS News as well as receiving special accolades such as an “Industry Recognition Award” from the ground transportation industry for his commitment to their industry. Chosen Payments holds board seats on seven vertical industry trade associations and the company was recognized by Retail CIO Magazine as one of the Top 10 Credit Card Processors in the US. Brodsly was recently recognized by Discover Card as one of the Top 40 CEO's in the credit card processing space under the age of 40.IE


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Jeff Brodsly
CEO Chosen Payments


Chosen Payments was founded with the Merchants in mind. Our CEO started as a Sales Agent in the business. The gratification received by the success of this business took our vision to a whole new level. Being able to help Merchants save money while growing their business, yet making a living doing this became extremely rewarding for us in many ways. Thus, we grew into a Partner of a large Merchant Services Company. After great success and growth we then decided to branch out with a different business model in mind. CP is focused on organic growth through relationship building with not only our clients but our staff. Loyalty, Trust, Transparency and true Partnership is what we believe in and what keeps us so successful. Having an extremely successful company is one thing but having a successful company where all 4 of the top Executives are childhood friends is a blessing. This coupled with the quality of staff we have makes our company one of the most respected in the business.

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