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Jamie Sheppard
CEO of Mauka Digital

Jamie Sheppard, CEO of Mauka Digital, Certificate

“The Guiding Light towards Creativity”

After working in the Digital Marketing industry for more than two decades, Jamie Sheppard, CEO at Mauka Digital, knew years ago there was a better way to approach clients, so he set out to build a lean, efficient, multi-lingual, multi-cultural global agency. He wasn’t satisfied with the marketing norm where companies shoved templates and packages into the clients hands, and knew they needed something better. A 100% custom solution for every client was his driving focus for a better Digital Marketing Agency.

For Jamie, his parents have been great role models throughout his life. True pillars of support and encouragement, guiding him and imbibing the best qualities in him from a very young age. His father was a huge influencing factor in his early business success, as he drove Jamie to strive for unconventional solutions and question the norm. “He’s very successful in business and proved to me that there is nothing you cannot do. This has moved with me throughout my companies over the years,” says the steadfast leader. “My mother was also a huge role model. She homeschooled my siblings, giving us a huge advantage by providing a superior level of education that you just don’t find anymore. She also instilled in us a foundation of faith, family, and creativity. This has directly influenced my success in business, and specifically in marketing.” Armed with these ideologies, Jamie has taken the agency to great heights.

"Mauka Digital takes a unique approach to creativity. They believe there is a perfect solution for every customer, brand, campaign, or product, and they will exhaust every avenue to find it."

Mauka Digital takes a unique approach to creativity. They believe there is a perfect solution for every customer, brand, campaign, or product, and they will exhaust every avenue to find it. The Mauka Digital team works tirelessly to bring a level of creativity that is just hard to find these days. Also, being a software development agency, they have the edge of leveraging the latest technology in everything they do. Mauka Digital's mission is to destroy the current marketing norm through unconventional approaches, tireless innovation, superior creativity, and 100% custom solutions. “We will never compromise our quality or service and always strive for digital marketing mastery. Mauka Digital is the only Full-Service Digital Marketing and Software Development agency in Hawaii and also the only marketing agency to grow from Hawaii and expand to the mainland and beyond,” says Jamie.

Mauka Digital helps brands define and refine their content marketing strategies through competitor content evaluations, content assessments, and content distribution and execution plans. “I think most companies bring a good level of strategy, and that’s the easy part. What separates Mauka Digital from the rest is that we believe 100% transparency between us and our customers is imperative in everything we do,” explains Jamie. “Before beginning anything, you have to understand the customer’s goals. Truly understand their deep needs from their point of view. After that, hyper-targeting the right demographic, creating amazing content, and planning the perfect execution are all attainable when you have the right people. The standard competitor assessments, evaluations, and execution plans are good, but if you want GREAT, you need to know your customer’s brand as well as they know it. Once you have that, introduce technology and an amazing team and you are destined for success.”

According to Jamie, competition is inevitable and encouraged. It drives innovation and growth, which benefits their customers. Mauka Digital is not as focused on its current competition as most agencies would be. “We’re aware of them but not focused too intently on them. We instead choose to innovate, grow and think a decade into the future towards those ideas and technologies that position us ahead of our future competition,” he says. “Right now, our key factors are having a superior team that’s dedicated to the future of Mauka Digital and not just it’s current status. The things we are working on right now will shape digital marketing forever.”

Having a software development arm gives them a definite advantage. Mauka Digital can develop their own proprietary software solutions, services, platforms, etc., allowing them to take the traditional digital marketing solutions to the next level. “We’re developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software solution that will allow us and our customers to approach and engage current and new clients on a whole other level. We’re not just changing the game, we’re changing the rules, the board and the players!” says Jamie. IE


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Jamie Sheppard
CEO of Mauka Digital


Mauka Digital is your full-service digital marketing and technology agency. We offer a full suite of services to help our clients create new digital opportunities as well as optimize existing digital assets. Our team has a deep understanding of the industry, a keen eye for recognizing trends and are constantly educating themselves on the competitive landscape. We have over 20+ years of experience in the digital services and technology solutions environment and love what we do.

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