Alexander Cohen, COO of South Pacific Rehabilitation Services, Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2022

Jaime Celorio
CEO & Founder
AMBHAR Global Spirits

Alexander Cohen, COO of South Pacific Rehabilitation Services

“Taking challenges makes you confident”

Jaime Celorio, CEO and Founder of AMBHAR expresses his opinion that each AMBHAR Tequila decanter is crafted of strong, virgin glass and shaped like the canteens cowboys used to transport "Mexican brandy." A horseshoe is incorporated into the design to bring luck to bottle drinkers. The dragonfly is the guardian of the blue agave fields of Tequila, Jalisco. After being hand-poured, each bottle is fastened with the AMBHAR dragonfly's lucky medallion on a leather chain.

Jaime believes that is important to share your narrative with persistence, patience, as well as enthusiasm. At AMBHAR, the award-winning Artesanal Premium Tequila aged in whisky barrels is something Jaime is delighted to announce since has been highly received in markets such as Mexico, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and New Zealand, and every narrative it's like an elevator pitch.

I used to work for Goldman Sachs in NY; I was also CFO for Merrill Lynch Mexico, as well as a CFO for a Bank listed on the NYSE, but I was ready to take a personal challenge outside of the corporate world and create my own brand and my own success story, says Jaime. You will have failures in starting a business, but you will learn from those ones and be better and more solid in the future.

Having a positive attitude and being able to adapt quickly to changes in the workplace are Jaime's top priorities since the competition is always watching you and you need to be fast, creative, and disruptive.

A skilled listener and the ability to read between the lines are critical skills for any leader, says Jaime, who believes that criticism is an indication that someone is communicating and wants things done a certain way. If your human capital staff, clients, investors, vendors, or competitors stop talking about your performance, you should be concerned.

When asked about his support for budding entrepreneurs, Jaime says, "It's an honor to be interviewed by your team and your company." I will tell entrepreneurs what I tell my son Pablo and my daughter Sofia: don’t be afraid of taking risks; you will regret in life the challenges that you didn’t try. He suggests, continue to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and remember that # LIFEISABOUTHAVINGFUN.

Jaime explains that in addition to the traditional Tequila Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo, as well as the phenomenal Cristalino, which is a fast-growing category, and the Superb Extra Anejo of 5 years, which is compared to fine Cognacs, they also developed disruptive profiles such as Smoky and Cannabis-flavored Tequila. With our dragonfly, which stands for happiness and good luck, we are coming up with fun and memorable experiences.

Jaime asserts that marketing plays a crucial role in the spirits industry. Competition with deep pockets always raise market awareness more quickly, so as a smaller brand, we need to be more creative, disruptive, and efficient with our resources. We should also always look for viral and exponential exposure through social media with the right influencers to tell your story.

As a luxury product, we were focusing on Generation X because of their buying power, but we found that Millennials are the most influential social media users, so we should talk to them with experience and personality. 82% of Generation Z uses social media to learn about new businesses and engage based on transparency and brands' appearing to be trustworthy via stories and reels, tik tok style. Therefore, this generation is our brand's new focus. The advantages of engaging with younger generations are that they are loyal and ambitious.

We needed clients to taste our product at locations, creating a unique experience and good memories, so we had collaboration with the Dallas Cowboys to sell our Tequila at their 52 bars at the stadium. We are fortunate to be able to collaborate with one of Florida's most iconic locations, the Mexican Pavilion of Epcot Center, as well as great exposure at duty-free main international airports in Mexico, so these are examples of people seeing and tasting our product while also having a great memory and experience, asserts Jaime.

We plan to expand our footprint not only with new products and new experiences; we also want to open new markets in the countries where we already have a footprint and in key countries that will play a significant role in the Tequila category, such as Europe and Asia. IE


AMBHAR Global Spirits


Jaime Celorio
CEO & Founder
AMBHAR Global Spirits


Each AMBHAR decanter is distinctively made of heavy, virgin glass, molded into a shape reminiscent of the canteens that Old West cowboys used to carry their “Mexican brandy.” An elegant horseshoe is integrated into the design to bestow luck upon all those who drink from the bottle.

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