JOHN ECKSTROM, PRESIDENT / OWNER of Carolina Business Equipment

PRESIDENT / OWNER of Carolina Business Equipment

JOHN ECKSTROM, PRESIDENT / OWNER of Carolina Business Equipment Certificate

“Best-in-class Solutions ”

Today organizations worldwide face numerous challenges.; At the top of the list are increased regulations, remote workforce, and cybersecurity. South Carolina-based Carolina Business Equipment; Inc. (CBE) responds with additional solutions to meet clients' needs with a multi-layered approach. CBE has been providing business solutions to South Carolina businesses since 1975. Whether clients need print solutions, managed print services, or IT solutions, CBE's goal remains the same: to provide clients with stellar service and the modern, comprehensive products and services that their organizations need.

“It’s our job to understand the clients’ requirements and help them build the solution that addresses those concerns. Our diverse team of network & and security engineers affords CBE the flexibility to identify and solve these complex issues facing our client,” says John Eckstrom, President & Owner of CBE. To address the remote workforce needs, CBE has emerged as a leader in designing and implementing solutions to help clients adapt to the ever-changing “office.” With much focus centered around cybersecurity, CBE has the resources to provide a multi-tiered approach to the ever-evolving threat landscape. These resources include industry certified cyber engineers with military and government experience, a cybersecurity trainer/instructor, and vast commercial enterprise experience.

"While we believe we are the very best, we realize that is worth nothing if our clients don’t perceive that to be true as well."

As early adopters of in-network services, CBE began (like many others) providing break/fix work for clients. In 2014, they moved away from this model and focused solely on Managed Technology. “We are currently in our 3rd NOC which is housed in a dedicated IT Building on CBE’s main campus in Columbia SC. As of this writing (Q1 of 2021) we have eight engineers, six helpdesk support, dedicated dispatch, and additional consultants and admin team,” adds John. “This allows a true team approach rarely seen in our marketplace from other providers. Our dedicated IT building reflects our team’s accomplishments with a fifty-foot hallway wallpapered with Certifications that reflect our collective expertise in network infrastructure, security, enterprise email management, enterprise server, cloud and disaster recovery.”

With the rallying cry of “Will It Amaze,” CBE strives to ensure that every engagement from every aspect of their organization results in an amazing interaction with the client base. According to John, anyone who is in managed technology will have monitoring software to track and alert on problems. What sets CBE apart is the high level of customization to their RMM tools and the First Response Center that manages the tools. “CBE has one of the top network operations centers in the Southeast. CBE Monitors all service call activity and we constantly rate and review our first call efficiency,” explains John. “While response time is important, it cannot stand alone. Our model combines response time and first call efficiency, ensuring best in class service.”

The typical CBE engagement begins with the discovery process that includes understanding the client’s attitude towards technology. John explains, “There are those out there who are simply interested in the here and now. In other words, a break/fix model of maintaining their network infrastructure and technology. “This is not the model that we employ. We intentionally moved away from this model in 2013. It is our focus to partner with clients who have an appreciation for technology and want to use technology to provide a competitive differentiator between them and their competition. That concept -said another way- is that you will leverage technology to empower your business.” He adds, “this means that our job is to understand the effects of technology in the industries that we serve better than the people who are in those industries. In fact, we are there in every case.”

CBE’s focus for the future is to make sure that every client sees them as the best service provider out there. “While we believe we are the very best, we realize that is worth nothing if our clients don’t perceive that to be true as well.” As for expansion plans, this is relegated to increased market share. “Managed Technology Services currently represent around 25% of CBE’s total revenue. By 2024 we expect IT revenue to be north of 40%,” adds John..IE


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PRESIDENT / OWNER of Carolina Business Equipment


With locations in Columbia, Charleston, Greer, Florence, Rockingham, NC, and N. Augusta, CBE provides office technology, business-vital applications and superior managed IT services to a wide array of industries. CBE is recognized as one of the top performers in sales and services in the nation.

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