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Ivan Ku Yee Ann
Founder & CEO of Ledgit

Ivan Ku Yee Ann, Founder & CEO of Ledgit Certificate

“Out-of-the-box Business Solutions Platform”

Ivan Ku Yee Ann, Founder & CEO of Ledgit and Co-Founder & CEO of HoHo Technologies is an extremely resourceful team leader equipped with insights in business and marketing strategies and adapting to changes when the time is right. With an aim to augment SMEs’ digital presence and accelerate potential SMEs and teams to competitive advantages, the passionate leader is very determined and always firm in the face of adversity and turning every opportunity into a golden mine. Ivan Ku, with his integrity and passion, easily connects industry experts from all over the world while exchanging resources and establishing a common goal and growth. Through mutual trust and dedications, the hub of strategic alliances help businesses and SMEs to address the common challenges by providing the right technology enhancement, unique digital branding tools and precise execution teams.

"Ledgit is focusing on assisting SMEs and startups towards the digital journey and climbing up the competitive world in the aspects of Digital Branding & Business Strategies."

Ledgit started off as a blockchain solutions company focusing on provenance in the supply chain. To be able to track and trace the flow of supply chain back to its origin to verify the authenticity was the main focus. As they moved further into the blockchain industry, Ledgit stumbled upon many companies facing difficulties in the digital presence, and so they expanded their solutions and expertise and becoming one of the most preferred Digital and Business Solutions Provider to SMEs. “Presently, we are focusing more on establishing a stronger alliance platform and providing top-notch solutions to SMEs while gathering elites from all over the world and and resources as a whole,” says Ivan Ku. “In addition, we are also focusing on a Live Content Platform known as Hoho Live which will be heading towards Content & Commerce Sharing Economy that can help millennials establishing a new norm/career and SMEs in aspects of marketing strategies.”

Currently Ledgit is focusing on digital transformation and enhancement, therefore implementing and adopting digital solutions tools from marketing to designs and creatives and so on. As for HoHo Live, they are adopting the latest Live Streaming tech and marketing tools to help users establish online side income streams and SMEs to achieve better performance and KPI in terms of marketing strategies and Ads targeting.

In an instance, Ledgit has assisted a Business Acceleration Academy focusing on establishing offline and online courses. “We have helped them create their continuous and stable SOPs and marketing strategies for offline seminars and online live sharing sessions, thus, increasing their sales and databases,” said Ivan Ku. On the other hand, there are also E-commerce Platforms which Ledgit has helped them bridge the market globally including China, and creating a set of unique values for their team to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.” As for Traditional SMEs focusing on physical products, Ledgit has helped them integrate their whole sales and operations digitally and creating an ecosystem and sharing economy of online marketplace equipped with loyalty program and the right automated marketing tools.

One of the biggest achievements for Ledgit was actually to be able to adapt to changing situations and the flexibility to adopt to latest tools and technologies and integrating it as a combined resource and to provide it to their hub of strategic alliance so then every alliance can gain more growth. Currently, Ledgit is focusing on assisting SMEs and startups towards the digital journey and climbing up the competitive world in the aspects of Digital Branding and Business Strategies. They are also focusing on their Live Streaming Platform as a strategic partner (HoHo Live) which will be launched soon (Expected August/September) and they believe this platform is able to provide millennials with tons of opportunities and businesses with new ways of marketing strategies.IE




Ivan Ku Yee Ann
Founder & CEO of Ledgit


LEDGIT Business Alliance is a newly-formed professional business community between LEDGIT and all our strategic partners aiming to be the leading Business Growth Solutions Provider. Our integrated solutions cover up most of the services that Startups, Businesses, Corporates need in this modern globalisation in order to bring their businesses up to another level.

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