Idan Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO of Reflectiz, 10 Best Security Solution Providers of 2021

Idan Cohen
Co-Founder & CEO of Reflectiz

Idan Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO of Reflectiz

“Protecting against evolving threats with dynamic website security”

Over 95% of websites use dozens of external digital applications and third-party tags for agile development, business enablement, and internal cost savings. Uses include - analytics, code optimization, engagement, social integration tools, and more. Digital apps enable business and technical growth but also create new security challenges. This is because to fulfill their critical role, and they expose a website to external and remote access, not protected by existing security controls: the result - new security and privacy risks that are expanding the attack surface. While application security tools are important for the development cycle, they do not protect websites from these different third-party risks in real time.

The gaps between the traditional security solution and the blind spots created by the third parties expose organizations and their websites to security threats and regulatory issues. Reflectiz offers a holistic approach to digital application security. “Our solution allows you to gain full visibility with a next-gen digital application inventory, all via a centralized dashboard. Our unique technology allows you to minimize time to value and fulfil your critical business and enterprise responsibilities,” says Idan Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO at Reflectiz is a former Cyber IDF officer with over a decade of Information Security expertise and Penetration (Pen) Testing experience.

"Reflectiz is dedicated to innovation. It’s not just another cybersecurity startup that is fighting with similar solutions on the same battlefield. Reflectiz can scan any given website worldwide without a single line of installed code and any prior configuration, unlike our competitors."

Reflectiz is dedicated to innovation. It’s not just another cybersecurity startup that is fighting with similar solutions on the same battlefield. Reflectiz can scan any given website worldwide without a single line of installed code and any prior configuration, unlike our competitors. Take Akamai, for example, which offers web page-centric blocking capabilities, but doesn’t provide a 360 view of the digital assets for optimal results. Most client-side solutions also require complex installations.

With Reflectiz, name the site, and there is full visibility in less than 10 minutes, with a detailed list of issues waiting for attention. It’s the simplest way to address our clients’ needs. There is no installation involved, nor are production changes required.

Reflectiz essentially acts as a website sandbox and connects all dots, enabling crucial vendor application security controls for a website. “Our unique solution allows both vital business activities as well as essential security controls. We’ll keep giving our clients everything our competitors are trying to give, but without requiring a single line of code implementation from their side. Simple and effective. We are looking to be different, while offering industry-leading features to put us at the top of the heap,” says Idan.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digitalization across all sectors. According to Idan, this unplanned cross-sector transformation on a global scale has also allowed hackers and malicious groups to steal more private information. Online businesses need to be prepared for these ongoing challenges, and the Reflectiz solution helps achieve just that thanks to its holistic approach to cybersecurity. With so many teams and freelancers working from home, CISOs and security teams face new challenges - managing user permissions, defining roles, creating policies, and tracking the security risks created by external third-party applications. Reflectiz offers a centralized dashboard that simplifies digital asset governance and management.

Reflectiz promotes cross-department collaboration with its centralized dashboard and customizable alerts. It empowers teams to scale up smoothly, where their comprehensive enterprise toolbox comes into play. The icing on the cake - there is no stress on IT teams, nor is there any negative effect on the website’s performance metrics. “You can use Reflectiz to handle large-scale third-party security and privacy risks via your own inventory and security dashboard, all from home.”

Reflectiz is currently hiring more developers, marketing experts, and sales professionals to prepare for the next stage - hyper-growth. They primarily focus on the US market, with further organizational expansion expected in late 2021 and beyond. “Besides that, we are expanding our reach in Europe with the help of our strategic partners. Reflectiz has recently signed a big deal with Air France-KLM,” says Idan. “Our main goal remains enabling secure digitalization with a holistic approach to managing third party risks and meeting compliance requirements. We are currently working on our 2021 Digital Application Report, based on exclusive insightful data from our systems and research projects. Stay tuned!” IE




Idan Cohen
Co-Founder & CEO of Reflectiz


Resolving the Blind-Spot: Ongoing Risk Mitigation Meet the first Website-Sandbox and cover your third-party blindness. Reflectiz provides an advanced website security solution, allowing organizations to stay protected against breaches like - client-side attacks, data leakages and privacy violations, caused by embedded third-party code on their websites.

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