Holger Speckmann Managing Director of Testia GmbH

Holger Speckmann
Managing Director

Holger Speckmann MD of Testia GmbH Certificate

Leader in NDT & Unique Services

Holger Speckmann built up the Testia GmbH from scratch and established a strong and completive service provider in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Testing in Germany. TESTIA GmbH (part of the TESTIA Holding, an Airbus Company)—a full-Service Provider for NDT and Testing—today is the market leader in Aerospace NDT in Germany and as member of the top management of the Testia Holding Holger is supporting the worldwide expansion.

"The Worldwide Reference for Aerostructures Inspections Products and Services. Since 1991.
Invisible Testing. Visible Innovation."

Being an author and presenter of more than 50 technical NDT presentations and papers, Holger holds of several patents in the field of NDE and SHM, is chairman and organiser of SHM conferences in the US (Stanford-IWSHM), Europe (EWSHM) and Asia (APWSHM) and speaker at national and international meetings, exhibitions and conferences. He knows that to make businesses understand the field of NDT it is essential to bring forth knowledge about technologies and applications. “The customers in this markets are quite often high specialized and skilled people speaking a “special language”. To be successful you have to speak this language,” explains Holger. “You need a good network to get a foot in the door and being able to provide you service and equipment.” By knowing all areas in the NDT and Destructive-Testing field, from R&D, via manufacturing towards service, Holger was able to know the challenges of his customers and to meet their expectations. Thus, Testia GmbH was able to enter the market in all fields and made it a market leader in the Aerospace NDT business in Germany.

Localization of areas to be inspected, performing of quality checks to ensure everything has been installed correctly and other applications are time consuming and high human influenced. AR is a supporting technology, enabling a fast and efficient way of checking assemblies and providing information at any place one requires, overlapped with design data and other information. Holger has been incorporating AR technology in offering a unique range of NDT for efficient analysis of structures, components and assembly. AR is supporting NDT inspections by helping the inspector to ease lots of his tasks. In can be used to easy identify areas to be inspected and support the decision making.

Testia GmbH is offering their customers a One-Stop-Shop for NDT (Engineering-Equipment-Inspectors-Digital Solutions). Testia GmbH is not just offering inspection but also use the latest technologies to bring disruptive solutions to the customers and thus cut costs by 30 percent or more. Especially, their Go/No-Go NDT equipment is game changing, as it makes very complex technologies (e.g. Ultrasonic Phased Array) simple to use. Hence, such equipment can be used by non-NDT people for the inspection of Aerospace parts.

Testia's strength is that they are the only company in the world providing training, engineering services, inspection services, advance equipment, digital continuity solutions, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) concepts, consultancy services and software solutions out of one hand to provide the best offer to ensure the integrity of Aerospace structures. “We are different, as we never stop innovation, listen to our customer and have engaged people making things happen,” adds Holger.

For the days to come, the company is focusing more and more on digital solution, machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this frame they are working on a solution for Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) for Computer Tomography. This solution would enable new production technologies, like Additive Manufacturing, better known as 3D printing, by providing a fast and efficient quality inspection solution. “Another game changing activity is reduce post manufacturing NDT by monitoring the process itself, collect process data, analyze and evaluate them by using machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence,” adds Holger.


Testia GmbH.


Holger Speckmann
Managing Director


TESTIA is an AIRBUS company with over 25 years of experience in the field of Non-Destructive Testing and Training in Aerospace.

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