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Guy Mincey
Founder & CEO of COREONYX

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“The Ambitious Leader”

As a Certified Veteran Enterprise (CVE) Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Guy Mincey of COREONYX, brings the commitment, discipline, and integrity earned from his military service to continue to serve the country in support of Federal, State & Local, DoD, and IC clients. While serving this great nation in the US Navy, Mincey learned early that flawless execution, detailed planning, and absolute commitment were necessary as anything short of mission success could cost lives. COREONYX was founded on these bedrock principles where “certainty of outcome” is the mission and assembling high performing teams to enable customer success to be the company's driving force from day one. Even the name COREONYX was created based on these values. Since ancient times, black onyx was believed to absorb negative energy and in doing so would become darker. This imagery re-enforces the values that COREONYX will always be one team, that they will rally in the face of adversity, and they will overcome all obstacles to deliver certainty of outcome for their customers.

As a rule of thumb, Guy leads COREONYX with the operational efficiency one typically finds in only the largest and most mature companies. He sets ambitious goals, assembles highly competent delivery teams, and creates a work environment with the psychological safety and culture essential to deliver the innovative solutions that their customers demand.

The result is a company that punches above its weight class, allowing it to grow rapidly and overwhelm its competitors' capabilities.

"Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business "

Guy knows that he does not have all the answers, and for long term success and growth, he knows the criticality of assembling a team of best athletes in an industry that complement the culture, essence, values, and insight of what COREONYX was founded upon. The result is an agile, responsive, and high performing organization that continues to flourish and ascend as a premier leader in the industry. In government, customers ideally want the latest and greatest technologies with innovative services that deliver the value and pace needed for their evolving missions. However, time-consuming processes and risk aversion often make those goals difficult to achieve.

Besides, any failures in the Government customers' delivery to the mission often increase scrutiny from government watchdogs, the Inspector General and impacts their FITARA scorecard (a key government customer performance benchmark). COREONYX is lifting the bar to new heights to support their customers by ensuring certainty of outcome to de-risk the federal investments in new technology and service innovation.

When customers procure services from COREONYX, they know that while Guy’s word is his bond, he backs that up with a stellar record of measurable performance, demonstrating the value they will realize and expect from their investment. Further, with this performance track record, customers will know that Guy’s team will overcome all obstacles and prioritize customer success over company profits, ALWAYS, to achieve customer demands. It is this commitment to successful customer outcomes at all costs that truly separates COREONYX from the typical beltway bandit and government contractor. He is an inspiration to those who know him best and a fierce competitor to those who do not yet understand what he is building at COREONYX.

“Our success is built on strong collaboration, transparency and respect for each member of our company. I had the great fortune to work under several amazing and transformative leaders in my career from large business. They were hugely influential on what I aspired to be. They always developed and drew out the best in me and cared not just the job, but my own professional and personal growth. I am forever grateful for the mentoring and lessons learned from my heroes of past and bear that in mind every day as a responsibility and commitment to do the same for those I lead and champion today and the future. That to me, is a key secret of success. When nobody is worried about who gets credit, unprecedented achievement is made by all.”

“We are still in the early stages of what we will ultimately become. We are well capitalized, we are already winning work full and open against the largest companies in our industry, and as James Collins would say, “we are built to last.” We have taken the time to strategically invest to build a solid foundation and rigors for growth, from our operations to the skill sets of our employees and continuing education and mentoring to make them powerful leaders in the technological and service solutions of the future. In addition, our “certainty of outcome” culture is building a robust past performance that demonstrates our commitment to quality and customer success,” says Mincey. “We recently achieved a successful “pass” of our ISO 9000 Audit and have self-certified at a CMMC level 3 Certification. Finally, we are building a world-class organization that is adopting best practices built on more than 30 years of success for some of the largest and most meaningful organizations on the planet. Our processes are on par with the most mature companies in the business while our small size allows us to be agile, to react to market forces, and to make every customer feel as if they are the most important person in the world – because they are to us.” IE




Guy Mincey
Founder & CEO of COREONYX


Forged by passion for service, unflinching integrity, and unwavering commitment to our client’s mission, CoreOnyx was created to deliver the value, quality and integrity our clients demand. Comprised of a senior leadership team with more than 100 years of experience across government and industry, we are honored to bring our clients an extensive track record of mission success in creating, implementing and successfully delivering solutions and services across the Federal community. As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we continue to serve our country in support of our Federal, DoD and IC clients.

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