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Grace Lee
Founder and CEO of Health Enovation

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“A Pioneering Thought-leader & Mentor”

Grace Lee, Founder & CEO of Health Enovation is a unique integrative thinker who designs enterprise-wide innovations with a human- and data-centered focus. She examines global challenges through multi-faceted perspectives and collects extensive evidence to identify the root causes to resolve them. She leverages her expertise in public health, drug development, technology development, data science, and business acumen to develop custom solutions that are comprehensive, integrated, and metrics-driven.

Grace was born into a world where girls were not offered education or opportunities outside the home.

Born impoverished into an Asian culture under martial law and emigrated to the US as a refugee without her parents as a young girl, she alone defined her unique identity and explored unlimited possibilities in designing her life and future. She was a published scientific researcher before graduating high school and an award-winning presenter at national scientific/medical conferences and built her first healthcare startup before she graduated from college. As she navigated her career through different arenas of the drug-development and healthcare industry, she integrated all the stakeholders' perspectives while raising the ladder into executive management. After leading multi-national organizations across Asia, Europe, and North America and collaborating with world leaders, she has honed her ability to connect, convey and implement change from the human & operational levels all the way to enterprise-wide, national-, and global levels.

"Grace continues to help other women rise through her investments, thought-leadership, mentorship, and community-building."

In an instance, Qatar Supreme Council of Health was facing an epidemic that would overwhelm this young country if there was no national level strategy to intervene. Young adults were being diagnosed along with the elderly and over 85% of the population would have been suffering from pain, dialysis, amputations, and other debilitating conditions if an effective integrated solution was not implemented immediately. Without data, integrated infrastructure, and adequate technology/coordination, the Minister of Health was unable to see the state of the public health and make effective decisions to control the epidemic. In Nov 2014-June 2015, Grace led a global team of experts to conduct a current state analysis, international best practices report, and epidemiology evaluation to design Qatar’s national healthcare strategy and implementation plan (2016-2022). This saves Qatar billions of dollars by preventing the patients from progressing to severities that require hospital care and saved new generations of citizens from suffering the same outcomes.

Throughout her career, Grace continues to help other women rise through her investments, thought-leadership, mentorship, and community-building. She demonstrates that women in leadership can achieve success by reframing the reality of gender dynamics. “Reality or opportunities can be created at any given moment by understanding that we can define what is possible for ourselves and others by what we perceive and intend to manifest for our lives and the world we live in.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in January 2020, without national level leadership defining and communicating the common goal to keep the initial cases of the virus from spreading, Health Enovations team recognized that all 50 states were taking different actions as if they were different countries. Without unified compliance and control of the migration patterns, the virus has spread uncontrollably.

Health Enovations built Million Patients Cured (MPC) search platform and lead over 32 experts, scientists, and technologists to enable the public to easily find each state’s Covid-19 mandate, number of cases, testing sites, and research studies. MPC has integrated over 15,000 sources of information for decision-making and offers easy intuitive functionality to access all information with just 3 clicks and limited typing. Further, MPC is the US’s only comprehensive database of all state mandates recorded on the date it was enacted and the ability to examine how effective each mandate is to slowing the spread of the virus. This enables our data scientists to correlate the human patterns of compliance to mandates (eg, face masks, social distancing, limited public gatherings) and possible migration patterns for all 3000+ counties and all 50 states.

Health Enovation began as a US-based global consultancy for corporations and government and evolved to building data technology platforms for pandemics and industry-wide corporate competitive advantage. “We are integrating advanced functionalities in Artificial Intelligence / Blockchain and addressing needs for consumers in other industries including environmental, real estate, and financials,” explains Grace. “The goal is to give power back to the patient and consumers to own their data and to better able to monetize their health or demand data.” IE


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Grace Lee
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