Geoffrey Langos, Global Chief Information Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Invictus BPO profile

Geoffrey Langos
Global Chief Information Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Invictus BPO

Geoffrey Langos, Global Chief Information Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Invictus BPO Certificate

“The Rainmaker”

Geoffrey Langos, CIO & COO at Invictus BPO/ITO, has over 20 years of building contact center relationships and trust across many different organizations and clients, especially in the Telecom and Financial Services sectors. He gains a deep understanding of the people, roles, goals, systems and collaboratively puts together a strategic roadmap for change. Being a steadfast leader, Geoff holds daily communication in high regard to ensure everyone agrees to the "why" they are allocating time to specific details and holding everyone accountable.

Geoff carries with him the wisdom of great business experience and shares it with others in a charismatic and energetic way. His ability to carry out a vision and lead the organization to "get things done" with clarity and ease is genuine. He is a humble leader with an impeccable formal education – MIT & CWRU - and demonstrated experience helping high-growth companies surpass their goals.

He is approachable and actively listens to everyone to create consensus and accountability. He is a “Rainmaker” who is innovative, collaborative, and a problem solver - a visionary who starts things and takes them to completion. His superpower is innovation for a purpose, he stays focused and calm amid chaos and influences all stakeholders to solve problems quickly.

While Nikola Tesla and Neil Peart were his instinctive influences, Geoff has written several articles about how Mike Quinlan influenced him to be a “servant engineer.” Geoff always knew he wanted to be an engineer, but Mike – the former CEO of McDonald's Corporation – admired his “book-smarts” and saw something deeper. He encouraged Geoff to develop his people and business operational intellects as well. This eventually led to Geoff matriculating in the Systems Design and Management Master’s Degree program at MIT. He thrived learning about marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and systems-thinking, all of which start with people and ideas.

"Belize is an English first country, therefore Invictus, as a call center in Belize, can assist better the people who struggle understanding the accents at call centers in other countries. Since great customer service is found at the top of Geoff’s list, this is a vital component to the success of Invictus."

He brings a treasure trove of innovative ideas to Invictus that inspire the team to serve customers with enthusiasm and generate results; one wouldn’t expect this kind of leadership from just any Engineer. He is passionate about the company’s employee satisfaction which bleeds directly into customer satisfaction.

He holds over 10 patents and is currently finishing his latest invention, an Edge computing device to improve driver safety using the 5G network. He inspires others to be agile thinkers: learn fast and apply that knowledge to deliver results. This epitomizes Geoff, who has been taking the company to great heights.

Invictus tests and deploys novel approaches to staving off competition for business and finding and retaining talented employees. “Our competitors tend to say “yes” to anything companies ask for in a BPO/ITO. We take a more disciplined approach to truly understand customer requirements and expectations to ensure a win-win relationship – it’s the “slow and steady” approach to building trust and delivering results,” explains Geoff. “We carefully walk away from business opportunities that aren’t a match which bolsters relationships and leads to future productive conversations – and new business – with customers. We educate our customers so they can make better informed decisions on expectations – backed by real metrics – that we can deliver upon vs. our competition.”

The company experiments with talent acquisition and retention techniques as well. “For example, we lined Hummingbird Highway with street banners to create awareness that Invictus is a great place to work to our competitors’ demise. We’re also entering partnerships with the University of Belize and others that will make us stand out as the “employer of choice” for business, marketing, and engineering students,” says Geoff. “Our marketing department performed a complete overhaul of our website – – to showcase our unique approach to doing business with complete transparency and responsiveness.”

Invictus is building capabilities to monitor, alert, and remediate Global POS system issues for the days to come. Revenue-generating systems need to be highly responsive and available 99.9% of the time. “We can quickly put eyes-on-glass 24/7/365 and collect analytics to determine root causes and recommend system improvements that enhance revenue collection experiences and reduce cost.” IE


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Geoffrey Langos
Global Chief Information Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Invictus BPO


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