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Frank Quigley
CEO of R&K Solutions

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“Focused Alignment for Perpetual Growth”

Frank Quigley joined R&K Solutions over 20 years ago after two decades of service as a Marine Corps Officer. Starting as a project manager all the way to becoming the President and CEO, Frank has always illustrated his emphasis on long-term strategic growth, instilling five priorities for employee focus and building a six-year strategic growth plan. He was instrumental in reorganizing the firm from the geographic based operation to a market sector and capability-based organization that capitalized on the current executive and employee composition and provided an organizational structure to capitalize on learning, training, and future employee growth.

"The future will be focused on delivering world-class expertise and solutions to our clients; to give our clients the power to assess, predict, and plan so they may achieve their objectives with confidence."

Drawing on his decades of leadership expertise and deep intrinsic knowledge of the R&K business, his efforts were immediately recognized with R&K experiencing a 45% increase in stock value after one year. He has instituted frequent all-employee Townhalls, open-book management, instilled the best practices of Employee Stock Ownership Plan tenants, and gained industry recognition of R&K’s performance in the community of employee-owned firms. As a leader he extracts innovative ways to revolutionize the firm, grow the businesses and exploit opportunities while emphasizing that R&K Solutions is “One Team with One Dream.”

R&K was incorporated to fulfill the founders’ vision of providing clients with superior support in site development, feasibility studies, master planning, economic analysis, and facilities management. It was anticipated that expertise in Information Technology (IT) would play an important role in the delivery of these services and the growth of the company. Today customized software development is a major service provided by R&K. Through the combination of functional and technical expertise, R&K initiated and continues to pioneer the use of many automated planning tools for the management of real property and large portfolios of facilities.

Their flagship offering, GoRPM® is a comprehensive strategic planning solution used to aggregate and analyze all types of real and personal property, as well as facilities data that was fully developed, implemented, and deployed in-house by R&K experts. Frank says that the greatest dilemma and challenge for managers of large portfolios of facilities and real property is making timely decisions on the three “Rs” - having the Right type and amount of assets, at the Right location, and at the Right time. “The GoRPM® Enterprise Software Solution was designed to empower organizations to collect, aggregate, analyze, manage and understand their real property, personal property, and facilities investments,” he explains. “It is highly configurable, enabling a client’s processes and terminology to be incorporated transparently within GoRPM®; realizing our strategic imperative that the ’process drives the technology‘ and not vice versa.” GoRPM® enables data driven decision making in asset inventory, strategic positioning and movement of assets, space utilization, condition assessment, sustainability, cost analysis, and budget planning and forecasting.

An excellent example of the significance of this approach was a Department of Defense client with facilities at over 180 sites throughout America and its territories. Faced with abnormally low funding requirements and human capital resources, R&K was engaged to improve their facility related data; from basic quantitative inventory, defendable requirements for assets, qualitative assessments; and strategic planning data. R&K leveraged its improved data to justify a seven-fold increase in funding for facility investment, an increase amounting to tens of millions of dollars annually. R&K has replicated this “triad” of enterprise level consulting, comprehensive site level services, and state-of-the-art automated solutions hundreds of times; the contribution of each piece of the triad expertly optimized to the needs and desires of our clients. Frank states “this has been the hallmark of our customer value over our 36-year life.”

Key to R&K’s strategic plan for the future is a state of continuous improvement and refinement. Near term focus includes refining R&K’s vision, mission, and values to a changing environment, constantly improving the knowledge of staff, and creating “laboratories” to test, evaluate, and improve our current and future offerings. “The future will be focused on delivering world-class expertise and solutions to our clients; to give our clients the power to assess, predict, and plan so they may achieve their objectives with confidence,” says Frank. IE


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Frank Quigley
CEO of R&K Solutions


R&K Solutions is an employee-owned, small business specializing in real property business support for managers of some of the world's largest facilities portfolios. Since 1984, R&K Solutions has supported government and private sector clients with a full range of real property services and software solutions.

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