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Emily Hickey
COO of Biomere

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Companies large and small flourish or fade depending on vision and leadership including the ability to align team members around that vision. Key to this success is the ability to listen to each team member to understand their strengths and interests then to challenge each to stretch and achieve their personal and professional goals. Emily Hickey, COO of Biomere has had the humble opportunity to build new teams from the ground up and to review established teams to challenge the status quo. “A team may have all the right people, but if they are not in the right roles with appropriate goals and leadership, their value can be lost,” says Emily. “It can be a challenge to walk into a new group and stay patient while you learn about these skills but the patience pays off!”

"Biomere is constantly growing with respect to the addition of team members and new techniques and models they offer."

For every mother, father, sibling, child, friend who is living with or watching a loved one battle a critical disease, it is impossible for novel therapies to be delivered with enough speed. Biomere focus is personal. “Personal as we listen to a client’s program’s goals. Personal as we choose the right Study Director and technical team members to work with each client. Personal as we work in a nimble and flexible manner to complete studies,” says Emily. “We pride ourselves on this responsiveness and flexibility while delivering quality data for the sake of the program.”

Biomere is constantly growing with respect to the addition of team members and new techniques and models they offer. “Growth is essential yet can be an enemy to being able to remain focused on the critical needs of our client’s programs. Growing too large or too quickly can distract from our vision and mission,” says Emily. “Our vision centers around ensuring all engagements, internal and external, remain personal to us. As we grow our team and add new capabilities, we work diligently to ensure this focus remains at the forefront of each interaction!” It can be a challenge to lose sight of this goal as deadlines are looming or issues arise. However, Emily and her team continue to drive this message forward throughout the organization to strive towards success with this mission.

As per Emily, competition in the marketplace is key to their growth, and demands that they remain ahead of the curve, on top of their skills and even more centered on keeping the team members and client’s needs at the forefront. The company recognizes that one of their greatest assets are their people. “We value our people and their individual strengths because excellence comes from the strength of a great team. We are devoted to creating relationships with our clients through our valued employees. It is personal to us,” says Emily. “We share the passion of our clients to champion the discovery and development of new therapies and cures. At the end of the day, it is all about working on a healthier future for us all. These are the factors that set us apart from the competition.”

Emily and her team are excited to open new doors for their clients on a few levels. They are in the process of opening a site in the greater San Francisco area, to serve the needs of their west coast clients through providing direct services or by offering dedicated rooms for their teams to complete studies aligned with their program needs. Their highly skilled team in CA share the same values and vision as their established MA site, with the opportunity to develop new partnerships! They have clients whose programs have progressed through the discovery phase with Biomere and are ready to initiate GLP toxicology studies. “We now have the added benefit of opening this discussion between our clients and our parent company, Joinn Labs, who are experts in the GLP toxicology space,” says Emily. “We have dedicated liaisons available to seamlessly transition these clients between the Biomere study director and the Joinn lead. We are very excited to have the opportunity to provide such a resource for our clients.” IE




Emily Hickey
COO of Biomere


Established in 1996, Biomere is dedicated to working in collaboration with our customers to advance life science research in multi-species. Biomere is differentiated by our quality of work, flexibility, adaptability and speed. These attributes are reflected in our Scientific Reputation and Expertise, our experience in Model Development, our focus on Validating Nominated Drug Candidates for Development, our Proprietary Animal Models of human metabolic and autoimmune disease, and our Colony Management and Dedicated Room Use Agreements. Our Facilities are AALAC accredited, OLAW Assured, DEA Licensed, USDA Registered.

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