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Ellimaija Ahonen
CEO & Co-Founder of Learning Scoop

Ellimaija Ahonen, CEO & Co-Founder of Learning Scoop Certificate

“Impacting Education Sector with Innovation”

Ellimaija Ahonen is an enthusiastic professional in the fields of education and training. She has collaborated with companies, public organizations, projects, and associations in Finland and abroad. She holds a Master of Social Sciences Degree. She loves to collaborate with different stakeholders and build fruitful relationships with customers. Ellimaija is in charge of business model development, partnerships, and investor relations. She is also passionate about marketing communications and reaching new milestones together with her team. One can get her attention immediately when talking about sustainability and impact in education.

During her free time, she is an active citizen among the Junior Chamber International movement and aims to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. She served as the National President of Junior Chamber International Finland in 2019, leading an NGO of 5000 members. In 2020 she contributed as a JCI Vice President, and she was one of the six members from Europe in the global Board of Directors. Out of 5000 candidates worldwide, she has been awarded as The Most Outstanding Local President in 2015 in Japan for her leadership skills.

Learning Scoop is a Finnish company working in the fields of teacher education and pedagogical leadership development. They are a group of experienced Finnish teachers and experts who have received excellent feedback on their work from local and foreign teachers and principals. Learning Scoop Study Tours were awarded as the Best Authentic Finnish Travel Products in September 2019. Learning Scoop has had customers from over 50 different countries.

"LessonApp is a born-global, scalable low-cost solution with strong roots in Finnish Education Excellence. This "Mini Teacher Academy in a Pocket" offers tools to design pedagogically wise lessons - the Finnish way. We believe that teachers are game changers and our solution will get quality of teaching up. Skilled teachers & motivated students = letter learning results."

During the pandemic, their team established Finland Education Shop to provide an online marketplace where teachers and schools worldwide can find quality educational products from Finland. The team behind Finland Education Shop wanted to make these state-of-the-art educational solutions available for everyone. The unique educational approach of Finland is manifested in different professional products available. With these tools, anyone can bring a piece of Finnish education to their classroom. The selection covers online self-study courses, study tours, virtual school visits, digital applications, books, webinars, and tools for teachers in English and Spanish.

Learning Scoop has also innovated LessonApp, a mobile tool for teachers to plan efficient and inspiring lessons to get better learning results and develop teachers´ professional skills. This spinoff is now an own business entity having users in 145 countries and supporting English, Spanish, Portuguese and Burmese languages.

According to Ellimaija, it is said that the schools are in crisis. One could say the learning is in crisis. The learning results are very poor and teaching inefficient in many places: after six years of schooling, children can barely read and write. The whole team is passionate about making the change in education. “Together with my team we aim to solve the world´s most critical challenges such as lack of quality education. Sustainable Development Goal #4 Quality Education for All is the mission and our driving force.” Ellimaija´s motto is “Earth´s great treasure lies in human personality. Service to humanity is the best work of life.”

• Collaborate: get to know people in the organizations operating in the same field, also competitors. Sometimes it is wise to do things together or outsource parts of the project.

• Focus: What is the expertise you have?

• Create a great team: Surround yourself with people with different skills.

• Partners: if one wants to go global, they need reliable and efficient partners who know the territory, have a ready existing network, and speak the local language.

• Be kind and honest: Create a respective culture where difficult things can be discussed and solved.

Ellimaija plans to produce new online courses, larger training programs, and professional development programs in collaboration with other experts, e.g., early language learning, soft skills, outdoor learning, sustainable development education, inclusive education, and positive pedagogy. “Our new book “Finnish Education in Practice: What, Why and How” is one of our priorities at the moment,” says Ellimaija. “It offers exceptional view to Finnish educational and pedagogical practices.” IE


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Ellimaija Ahonen
CEO & Co-Founder of Learning Scoop


LessonApp offers tools to design lessons - The Finnish way. We help teachers to plan pedagogical lessons with great learning results.

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