Eli Cohen, CEO of TrustPeers, 10 Best Security Solution Providers of 2021

Eli Cohen
CEO of TrustPeers

Eli Cohen, CEO of TrustPeers

“A Complete Cyber Security Platform”

In the year 2021 we will require a technology vision that meets the requirements of constantly changing on-demand experiences in the present pandemic situation. In such a scenario TrustPeers is addressing the customer needs in 2021 and has culminated into one of the 10 Best Security Leaders of 2021.

1. What are the challenges in today’s market & how are you addressing them?

These days cyber crises are inevitable for organizations of all sizes. When it happens, a cyber-event requires working with several platforms, managers and contractors. CISOs face mounting pressure as they are required to secure the business and network and effectively oversee the handling of Cyber emergencies.

According to a KPMG Cloud Threat Report, only 1 in 10 organizations can process more than 75% of their security events. TrustPeers offers a platform that allows CISOs and their teams to manage the entire lifecycle of an Incident in a single, secure online location: from Planning and Practicing to Response and Post-incident analysis. TrustPeers promotes a different approach to IR, disrupting the market with innovative, scalable self-learning technology that addresses the entire lifecycle of the Incident: from Planning to Practice, Response and Post-analysis.

2. Why was the company incorporated?

TrustPeers was founded several years ago by myself and my partner, co-founder and CTO Aviv Katz. Previously, I served as CEO of Experis Cyber, a leading provider of cyber security managed services which specialized in managed detection and response solutions. During the course of operations we identified a huge issue: CISOs did not have the tools to cope with the ongoing complexity and tremendous stress of cyber incidents. We set up TrustPeers as a response to this need.

"TrustPeers is cloud-based (AWS and Azure) built with a SaaS perspective, providing a simple user onboarding process. Implementation takes only several hours, and the platform provides tangible value from the get-go. The platform consists of several modules"

We designed a technology solution which empowers CISOs, providing them with a real-time and adaptive IR platform. We recruited elite Cyber experts with diverse backgrounds. We contacted the best incident responders who gave not only their feedback but also their blessing for this much needed solution. Our design partners saw the value of TrustPeers platform from the get go, which was a positive proof to the technology and usability.

3. How do you integrate a client's IR full lifecycle, from planning and practicing to emergency execution and reporting with TrustPeers as-a-service unique system?

The platform consists of several modules. Data is the core of TrustPeers platform: all modules are common-data repository (CDR) which serves all modules, from Planning, Practice and Response and enables us to create a self-learning, iterative system.

Customer onboarding begins at the Planning module, which creates the organization's emergency plan off the bat. The CISO can review the emergency plan in our Practice module and be prepared at time of emergency. This truly innovative process takes organizational competence to the next level of planning for and handling a major cyber incident.

The cycle is designed to optimize and prepare organizations for potential attack. When a Cyber incident occurs, the customer uses the platform for response, using multiple war rooms, dynamic playbooks, recording, reporting tools and post-analysis capabilities to work in iterative improvements. In such a process the customer cuts MTTR and meets regulatory demands such as Hipaa, ISO27001 and GDPR standards. With TrustPeers, CISOs can mitigate risks, reduce planning and emergency costs, and ensure business continuity, all while maintaining compliance.

4. Please share a case study with us.

Before implementing TrustPeers, one of our customers - a large insurance company relied on consultant’s manual to plan their Incident Response strategy. IR plans were usually static and often outdated. Because plans are generally stored on an attacked network - there’s no access to work plans in case of emergency. Another issue in consulting manuals is that playbooks are too generic to provide an in-depth solution. On top of that, they’re scattered across different systems which makes in challenging to retrieve. But the most critical issue was that the plan they had was not practical in real life emergencies.

After implementing TrustPeers, planning now relies on dozens of real scenarios and playbooks. It is compliant with GDPR, ISO27001, and Hipaa. With TrustPeers, emergency plans are stored on a private cloud, encrypted and secured. This means they can be accessed easily at all times, regardless of the attack. Most importantly, playbooks are specific, diverse, dynamic and are continuously updating. These factors make TrustPeers the most relevant and up-to-date planning solution available.

5. Where do you see TrustPeers in the near future?

Currently, we are focused on North American and European markets. In terms of industries, TrustPeers is the ideal enterprise solution for organizations regardless of their sector or location. We have seen early adopters from the financial and tech sectors - they definitely understand the need for the platform. Highly regulated industries which need to comply with Hipaa and GDPR immediately see the rationale of using TrustPeers.IE




Eli Cohen
CEO of TrustPeers


TrustPeers is an Incident Response technology startup. It develops an innovative Cyber Crisis Management platform that saves organizations in real-time, by allowing them to prepare for attacks and take control over cyber emergencies.

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