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Earl Good
Managing Director & President of Retech Systems

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“The global leader in metallurgical processing systems”

Earl Good is an Experienced leader with a strong track record of delivering improved performance in all previous positions, including both growth and profitability. Earl Good has twelve plus years of direct profit and loss responsibility and has gained extensive international experience. Earl Good's managerial style has been influenced by a number of factors during the course of his career, including:

1) Earl Good has always been a competitive person who strives to be the best, but he also values each team member’s individual development. As a driven competitor, he believes that the weakest link in a team can make or break it, so having a strong team of employees is essential. 2) Earl Good was very fortunate early in his career to work with some great mentors during his time at General Electric Environmental Services and Metso Minerals. Earl Good was given challenging tasks to do and a great deal of freedom in completing them. Earl Good claims each completed assignment led to greater responsibility and finally being promoted into management positions. Through the tutoring of these individuals, he was able to learn a lot about the type of leader he wanted to be. 3) Earl Good was also blessed to be selected for various leadership and management courses while working at both General Electric Environmental Services and Metso Minerals. Both companies provided employees with excellent course materials, and the instructors were frequently the authors of notable books on the subjects. 4) Earl Good has witnessed how different leaders treated their employees during the course of his career. Noting some leaders treated employees differently based on their position, and in some cases did not even acknowledge certain levels of employees at all. Earl Good, on the other hand, vowed to treat all employees with the same respect. These four factors have all played a role in his current management approach.

Retech is based on the foundation of identifying customer needs and understanding the necessity of creating relevant, viable, and cost-effective equipment to meet those requirements. Retech has an experienced team of professionals who excel at designing customized vacuum melting equipment solutions for its customers. Retech has a long history of offering the market high-quality, customized solutions that will perform for many years. Customers benefit from both the specific engineering design, which optimizes the equipment performance, and the long life of the product. Retech strives to be the vacuum metallurgical industry's first choice to satisfy all metallurgical and alloy melting needs. Most of the furnaces Retech provides are innovative because they are built to optimize each customer’s unique performance needs. The fact that several of Retech’s furnaces have been in operation for 30 years or more also demonstrates the equipment’s reliability.

The ability to customize furnaces for every application is a significant differentiator for Retech. (Each furnace is made specifically for each order.) The performance of these furnaces is optimized based on the customer's desired final product, manufacturing rates, and feed materials, to mention a few factors. As the company looks to the future, Retech is extremely excited about the powder market strategy it is developing. The powder market as a whole is quite diverse, encompassing additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and a variety of other applications. Retech has never really been a major player in the powder business in the past. However, the company is currently involved in establishing a three-tier segmented strategy for customers in this industry. Finally, Retech has been testing a variety of materials for clients in its R&D furnaces, which could allow it to expand into new industries such as energy, energy storage, refractory metals, and material recycling, to name a few.

Earl Good says he believes one of his best strengths has been the ability to get the right people in the right positions where they can succeed. Based on his competitive nature, he believes it is important to set the team’s annual performance expectations high. He also tries to let his management team have the freedom he was given in his career stating – “I trust them to do a good job and come to me with any issues. However, I will not hesitate to jump in immediately if I see something I am concerned about.” Finally, he believes in treating each employee with respect and dignity regardless of their role. These outstanding qualities of Earl Good have made him a pacesetting leader. IE


Retech Systems


Earl Good
Managing Director & President of Retech Systems


Since 1963, Retech has been a global leader in the supply of metallurgical processing equipment for demanding industries in ever-changing markets. Our advanced processes and technologies have been applied to melting, refining and casting reactive and refractory metals (like Titanium & Titanium alloys), super alloys and rare earth metals. Retech has been a pioneer in the application of Electron Beam Cold Hearth Melting, Plasma Cold Hearth Melting, and Cold Wall Induction. Retech also developed the Rototrode® (non-consumable arc) and Plasma Arc Centrifugal Treatment (PACT™) technologies. Each custom engineered system produces products with the unique metallurgical and geometric properties that are required by the application.

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