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Doug Chin
Managing Director Securience

Doug Chin Managing Director Securience Certificate

“Securing Global Business Environments ”

Security is a complex subject, and one that is evolving every day due to rapidly evolving technology. The number of services now available online is staggering, and with the inevitable adoption of 5G mobile data in the not too distant future, the way people perform work tasks will evolve. It will be inevitable that security requirements will evolve too in order to keep up with the changing attack surface. One size never fits all in the IT security world—hence that is why securing a business is an interesting challenge. A recipe for success is ensuing that organizations find the optimal balance between security and usability. UK based Securience, is taking a layered approach to security, where they are applying a framework approach to assessing digital risk, and making sure they implement the appropriate controls to ensure that genuine business usage continue unhindered, and the malicious activity is stopped.

"We are passionate about security, new technologies and innovation. Trust, reliability and integrity are our key goals. Let us worry about your security so that you can focus on running your business."

Over the years, Securience has been expanding rapidly in customer base and size. “As customer demands have grown, so have Securience Services to match, and now we offer Advisory Services, Managed Services and also own products,” says Doug Chin, MD of Securience. From the start of trading, Securience has been a pioneer in implementing the latest security technologies in their solutions and services. With time Securience began developing products, starting with a few small products focused on either accelerating service delivery or removing the need for customization. From the experience gained on the field, Mike Sims, Technical Director and Product Manager, brought together several common IAM use cases and challenges to design and build Securience Data Manager.

According to Securience, data quality is one of the major causes of IAM projects running over budget or failing, so Securience built Securience Data Manager, an identity data management platform that enables easy automation of data integration, data staging and adding business context, continuous identity data health monitoring and a single view of access for a company’s IAM solution to collect from. Securience Data Manager is trusted by several major financial and public sector organizations to managing their Identity Data for their IAM solution. The product has countless use cases, but some of the major benefits customers are seeing include accelerated application onboarding, reduction of implementation costs, 80% reduction in account and entitlement collection times, allowing the business to have an almost real time view of access across the organization reducing risk of breaches or fraudulent activity.

In addition to this, as modern technology dominates today’s communication—one can see an array of technologies and platforms in which they can stay connected. People no longer call helpdesks for their service providers and there is a growing trend to use convenient means like social Media-direct message, instant message, SMS text message, Email, Video Chat. On these grounds Securience is building a product that is currently in beta, and is due for release in Q2 2020 - a mobile gateway and app for IAM. The benefits of Securience Access Anywhere are aimed at increased security by introducing device registration, biometrics and trusted working zones, reduced time waiting for approvals to be read and actioned, and additional platforms used to perform IAM related activities allowing for accessibility support.

According to Doug, Securience Access Anywhere is all set to handle the change in demographics of an organization as new generations of employees having greater expectations of flexible ways of working. “We are building the capability to extend and enhance your IAM functions to be easily performed on a mobile device,” adds Doug. “Along with our product developments, we always have one eye on how to deliver more effectively, and hence we will be growing our managed services aggressively this year, expanding the team and bringing in further automation and alerting capabilities.”




Doug Chin
Managing Director Securience


Securience is an organisation specialising in Identity Management, Access and Governance solutions. We have extensive experience implementing IAM solutions all around the globe in many different business sectors, predominately in the Finance sector (Banking, Trading, Insurance, Pensions), but also in Government, Aerospace & Defence, Telecoms, Retail, Manufacturing and Energy sectors.

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