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Don Man & Jason Mann
President & CEO of Mann Mortgage, LLC

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“Striving to Advance the American Dream”

It’s an excellent time to buy or refinance a home because interest rates are historically low. And Mann Mortgage is assisting people who may need additional assistance, those who may be new in the area of purchasing a home, or they haven’t been able to save much towards a down payment, or their credit score isn’t perfect. “Those characteristics define a lot of the borrowers we work with. And that’s our “sweet spot” because our loan officers create relationships with their borrowers,” says Jason Mann, CEO of Mann Mortgage. “We try to understand them and find out what their financial goals are. All the information the borrower shares allows the loan officer to hone in on the best loan product for them.” The company also works with great credit, big down payments, and healthy credit histories.

In 1989, North Dakota native Don Mann hatched his plan to model a mortgage company after the farming co-op. By pooling resources, lending could be kept personal and local. Don built the business on a foundation of integrity, relationships, and a genuine concern for family and community. From a single loan officer in the late 1980s in Kalispell, Montana, Mann Mortgage has expanded to include 55 branch locations and 500 employees. Though regulatory changes have stopped true co-op branches, Mann Mortgage still works in the co-op spirit. Branches enjoy a strong reputation built on depth and breadth of expertise and enduring industry partnerships. “Based on Don Mann’s original business model, we adhere to the basic philosophy that sharing collectively in the sale of our product benefits everyone. Volume speaks volumes, and for the next 30 years we'll continue to build on our original foundation as a trusted name in home lending,” says Jason.

"Mann Mortgage uses some innovative technologies for their daily activities, including SimpleApp software that enables people to apply for a loan online in about 10 minutes."

All their 55 branch offices are independent hometown lenders. When someone wants a loan, they call the nearest branch office and get set up to work with a loan officer. That loan officer has experience in the industry with all the loan products, but they also know about the community, builders, real estate agents, and local mortgage programs. The loan officer will work together with their client to pull their credit, go over their options, get them pre-approved, and finally close on their loan. It’s a very different experience than a home buyer would have with a large mortgage lender or bank. “Our loan officers are willing to work with anyone, go over their finances, interpret their credit report, and try and find a loan product that’ll work for them,” explains Jason. “And, many homebuyers are shocked to learn that interest rates with Mann Mortgage are usually lower than they’d get with a larger lender.”

Mann Mortgage uses some innovative technologies for their daily activities, including SimpleApp software that enables people to apply for a loan online in about 10 minutes. “And we use MannMade cloud-based software to help home builders managing construction loans,” adds the steadfast leader. “We also use a very advanced CRM (customer relationship management software) that has automated alerts which notifies all parties involved in the loan when a milestone has been achieved such as, appraisals, clear to close, etc.”

In the future, Mann Mortgage plans to double its mortgage volume over the next four years and help more people buy, build, refinance, and renovate homes. They have added new technology and software to enable their staff to be more efficient and lower the overall cost to produce a loan. “This will allow our current branches to serve more clients and it will attract new branches looking for a new home. Our expansion will be well planned out to include communities where Mann Mortgage can be known as the ‘Go To – Hometown mortgage lender’,” says Jason. “We’ll focus on Montana as well as states we are currently licensed to do business in first, then begin the process of entering new states which Mann does not have a presence in.” By expanding into new markets, Mann will be set up to work with more borrowers, Realtors, and home builders. “We truly have something special here and we look forward to sharing our story with more folks in the coming years – Let’s go Mann Mortgage!” IE


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Don Man & Jason MannC
President & CEO of Mann Mortgage, LLC


Mann Mortgage, LLC strives to advance Americans’ two most potent dreams: home ownership and business independence. Home ownership provides the foundation for strong families, sound communities and a robust economy. Business independence unleashes the best in human potential. We are pioneers in the mortgage banking cooperative business plan movement. Our association of mortgage branch businesses is guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, grounded by shared values, and supported by superior corporate infrastructure. See our “Join the Mann Mortgage, LLC Cooperative” Showcase Page to learn more.

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