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Dimitris Tsikopoulos
CEO of Navarino

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“Pioneering Industry Leading Solutions”

CEO of Navarino, Mr. Dimitris Tsikopoulos, is one of the most admired leaders in the maritime sector. His extensive experience and deep understanding of the maritime industry has developed a broad skill-set, which is arguably unparalleled in the market – enabling him to identify needs yet to be addressed by the industry. He channels his ethos through the company in the form of its four main values; Innovation, Agility, Integrity and Teamwork, as well as his pertinent investment in Navarino’s people and ideas – creating a platform for open communication and idea generation, which constantly takes Navarino to new heights.

Since 1996, Navarino has developed pioneering industry solutions that tackle various connectivity needs, but the company has seen a recent, significant evolution into a valued technology partner, with solutions that now tackle the increasing digitization of the maritime environment. Their solutions have a plethora of capabilities, from bandwidth optimization to the ever-evolving needs of cybersecurity, to the complete management of a vessel’s IT infrastructure and many more unique applications necessary to the vessel. To achieve the development of such world-renowned solutions, a combination of factors are executed companywide. The foundation of Navarino is built from global industry experts with decades of maritime experience, who share the same ethos which motivates them to learn and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the industry. Furthermore, an extremely skilled and competent team of IT software engineers and network specialists act as the necessary bridge between technical knowledge and the maritime industry, seamlessly integrating the two worlds.

"Its reliability to innovate and find solutions to Maritime’s unanswered and undiscovered questions is what puts Navarino at the forefront of Maritime technology"

Moreover, Navarino’s philosophy of empowering customers whilst anticipating their needs revolves around two pillars. Firstly, developing solutions that add true value to the operation of their vessels and since value is something unique to the customer, developing solutions that are adaptable and tailored; Secondly, evolving solutions that are based on the continuous bilateral communication that Navarino has with its customers, whereby the customer consistently provides them with their ideas, suggestions, and needs, which Navarino then absorb and integrate into product updates / brand new innovations.

In terms of competition, Navarino are positioned within a fairly turbulent market, which has a heavy emphasis on price-competition. However, with Navarino’s focus on value-creation through innovative products and a 5-star service, including a specialized after-sales support team and customized solution offers according to customer requirements, Navarino have gained a unique competitive advantage.

One of Navarino’s more recent innovations, Spectrum, recently received a fleetwide installation with an existing customer, with huge potential expected of the solution. “The Windows Update functionalities were the primary reasons for choosing Spectrum” tells the company’s IT Specialist consultant to Navarino. “When we have 10 client computer systems onboard, it is a pointedly faster process to download Windows Updates through Spectrum than to individually download them on each piece of IT infrastructure, which will make our lives easier. Not only this, but this minimizes data consumption, supporting the financial goals of the company. The second reason pertains to Spectrum’s asset management capabilities – the asset overview function helps us to be compliant with new IMO regulations.”

Navarino’s success ultimately began, however, with its Infinity solution. Infinity is the most advanced maritime bandwidth management and optimization solution used on shipping vessels and a prime example of Navarino’s ability to identify needs in the industry that have yet to be addressed, something very difficult to do and not achieved by much of the market. In the present day, with an increasingly digitized and technical maritime environment, there has been a clear but untouched gap in the market which considers IT-as-a-service, something Navarino have been the first to create a solution for. “Quazar takes this ‘IT-as-a-service’ concept which aims to help companies address and comply fully with increasing IMO regulations, whilst removing the CAPEX for hardware or software acquisition,” says Mr. Dimitris. “Moreover, in the age of teleconferencing, Waavia 7 is being continually developed to evolve its maritime-specific instant messaging platform – something which is also currently missing from the maritime market.”

Overall, Navarino display a constant aptitude for leadership in an unsteady market that is evolving fast. Its reliability to innovate and find solutions to Maritime’s unanswered and undiscovered questions is what puts Navarino at the forefront of Maritime technology. Furthermore, its people and their values ensure customers are met with a level of satisfaction exceeding that of its competitors. IE




Dimitris Tsikopoulos
CEO of Navarino


Navarino is one of the world’s largest maritime technology companies, operating across 6 shipping-centric nations. Our industry-leading technology has put us at the forefront of maritime innovation and enabled us to empower our customers while anticipating their future needs thanks to our continuously evolving services.

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