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Denise Hayman-Loa
CEO of Carii inc

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“Discovering Unique Communication & Business Strategies”

Denise Hayman-Loa, CEO of Carii is a creative thinker with broad experience, and she is exceptionally effective at identifying opportunities and gaps in business models across multiple industries – both strategically and pragmatically. Denise has been Co-Founder & CEO of Carii for 6 years, bringing the company from a small beta platform to a fully developed solution garnering multiple awards, clients and team members. Now considered a thought leader in the Social Business software space, Denise has been interviewed multiple times, including by the BBC, and has written numerous blogs including “Communities of Action: The Whisper of a New Trend” and “When Zoom is Not Enough”. In addition, her role running the company, she assists Carii clients from multiple industries with their communication and business strategies as they implement the Carii solution.

"The inspiration for the business came from a very simple need Denise and her co-founder saw – the communication needs of a far-flung kung fu group with multiple local chapters and an international head office."

The inspiration for the business came from a very simple need Denise and her co-founder saw – the communication needs of a far-flung kung fu group with multiple local chapters and an international head office. The local chapters had local communication needs, but sometimes needed to be connected to the head office, or other chapters, for information sharing or large events. “We found that these needs couldn’t be met with traditional social media sites. Even though some of them provide for groups, these groups couldn’t be linked efficiently, and communication across them wasn’t supported. Not to mention the privacy issues!” Available on web and mobile apps, Carii creates dynamic, end to end, branded digital ecosystems around organizations – and their partners and fans – delivering an advanced communication and collaboration framework – and creating an ever-growing network of connectedness and engagement. Carii also supports revenue generation for clients through advertising, events, membership and fundraising.

The ability to easily create branded digital ecosystems of organically linked communities is a core tenant of the Carii platform. It is perfectly suited to complex organizations that have multiple member types – both internal and external, private and public – that they want to engage with in different ways and with different content. So, for example, a different experience and access can be provided to volunteers’ vs donors vs external partners at a nonprofit – all within the same platform, and all with just a few clicks. The more complex the organization, the better the Carii platform meets their needs. “This is the key to the overall architecture and is very unique and provides great flexibility to our clients,” says Denise. “Carii is specifically designed so the same functionality that exists for internal communities also exists for external ones. But privacy and membership levels are also key.” For example, a company might want to provide public access to certain content and conversations but require membership for accessing private communities or special content or features. This can all be organized and managed with ease.

The best way to think of Carii is as digital communication “glue” – the fabric that connects all of the audiences together for an organization. In addition to bringing together multiple features and tools in to a common branded platform, Carii is also very easy to customize and implement in a matter of weeks, not months. “With Carii you own your own data and relationships instead of giving them to public social media sites, with major focus on rich self-service features for the community owner, and an easy to use and intuitive experience for users of all generations.”

In an instance, a private equity firm having multiple portfolio companies with their own operational teams – needed a way to share documents, collaborate, schedule and conduct meetings, manage projects – efficiently and securely. “Weekly Zoom calls are only the starting point for them – and before implementing our platform, they were using emails, messaging, schedulers, project management tools, and document storage,” says Denise. Now they are working together more efficiently and more securely! “Our next big initiative is to take our existing coin technology to the next step by first supporting gifting, donations and discounts with coins, then using cryptocurrency technology to create a usable token for within and potentially across sites,” adds Denise. For More details Visit IE


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Denise Hayman-Loa
CEO of Carii inc


An end to end digital community platform for creating public and private social networks - with communication, collaboration and multi-channel chat. Carii allows communities to connect and communicate around the world while retaining private ownership of content - bringing people together across boundaries. The design is elegant and visionary and is live globally on web and mobile devices. Carii has robust functionality for creating and linking multiple public and private communities, inviting members, posting & sharing news, sending bulk emails, posting multiple photos, videos, documents, events and dialogues and linking to other communities through patented affiliation technology. Now Carii also has very robust realtime chat with multiple channels and private groups. Carii is geared towards “serious” users, such as non-profits, businesses, educational institutions, associations, clubs.

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