David Cummings, CEO of Cool Life CRM

David Cummings
CEO of Cool Life CRM

David Cummings, CEO of Cool Life CRM Certificate

“A Dynamic Solution ”

Today organizations face challenges in maintaining disparate data, email, calendaring, and communications in various applications and processes. But, adopting Cool life CRM has its advantages; from experiencing more time and the resources to focus on revenue while building, those who have adopted Cool life CRM can now retrieve any queried activity in no more than two clicks to result.

Cool Life CRM enables clients to unify their business aspects to streamline the process flows and integrate emerging technology and conventional technology. Cool Life goes beyond traditional CRM into the realm of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), integrating with other systems and service providers while improving the user experience. “Our project management was designed to allow any process or business obligation to temple, assign and then deploy from your library of detailed tasks and milestones,” says David Cummings, CEO, Cool Life CRM. “Assignment of tasks are communicated for team transparency. Recording time for both internal user time keeping and or should billing be part of your client relationship.” The benefits include complete integration of associated CRM records, billing module, and all related documents and notes.

"Cool Life has and will always continue to evolve and is focused on its clients' needs and requirements. As the Cool Life team has identified, companies are unhappy with expensive, complicated, and unwieldy CRM installs."

The design and development were a careful process evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and several other industry competitors. Drawing from this evaluation, Cool Life designed the data structure, the best of required features that provide a valuable user experience, and a highly scalable platform to accommodate businesses from start-ups to enterprise.

Cool Life has and will always continue to evolve and is focused on its clients' needs and requirements. As the Cool Life team has identified, companies are unhappy with expensive, complicated, and unwieldy CRM installs. Cool Life has addressed this need by providing our scalable platform as a reasonable cost of entry and a recurring subscription sales model. Companies needed a best-in-class, cloud-based business solution that is robust and customizable and does not require outside programmers or specialized training for IT staff. Our platform meets those business requirements providing a user-friendly admin panel and a painless on-boarding process.”

The company’s primary competitors are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Although they may present themselves as “Goliath, but David (Cool Life)” has the advantage with agility, best of user experience for both product and customer success. “Recently we have also experienced what a dinosaur looks like when a “king and his jesters” decide who shall be permitted to remain on their platform based on a company's beliefs and opinions,” adds Cummings. “Thankfully, Cool Life shall remain the experts in data and process and never shall we cast an opinion on a customer's core beliefs.”

Cool Life is an intuitive, secure, and fast to configure a platform that embraces each client's business model. It enables small to mid-sized companies to manage and market to their customer base as bigger companies do. The company provides a dynamic system with a cost of entry and a reasonable monthly subscription fee. The product is easy to implement, secure and user-friendly, and interfaces seamlessly with other applications and third-party vendors. Clients have discovered that valuable data managed in a single robust platform allowing client firms and companies to access all activities and communications.

Cool life has released rich features yet is always delivering the best an experience based on success. Next, we are introducing fully integrated applications such as Microsoft Office, SMS, voice, chat, and video applications to engage your customers. With the change of work environments to remote employees, companies are searching for seamless tools to allow all-inclusive communications that will complete customer records and keep departments current in real-time. Cool Life continues to increase the workforce to meet the growing demand. IE


Cool Life CRM


David Cummings
CEO of Cool Life CRM


Business enablement platform powered by a 360 CRM, Marketing Automation, Project Management, Sales Pipelines, and Web Tools. Cool Life CRM is helping our clients profit using our CRM. Your company will save using the marketing tools that encompass today’s technologies including social media and business processes. Our cloud solution helps businesses better manage their clients, data, marketing, partners and sales pipeline.

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