Dato’ Munirah Looi FOUNDER/CEO Brandt International Profile

Dato’ Munirah Looi
FOUNDER/CEO Brandt International

Dato’ Munirah Looi FOUNDER/CEO Brandt International Certificate

“Creating Leaders & Transforming Industries”

Behind Brandt, is a woman who has no limits to her perseverance to succeed. If there’s one thing that sets Munirah apart from many others, it would be her adventurous entrepreneurial spirit. Growing what started off as a 2-man consulting team into a now -800 and will be reaching 1000 headcount in the next 3 months is no small feat. Her forward vision has been the catapult that has placed Brandt as one of the forefront players in the outsourcing industry today, in fact the only consulting-led outsourcing organization founded and lead by a woman in Malaysia. Munirah Looi’s sense of self-efficacy plays a huge role in her accomplishments and her ability to approach goals, tasks and challenges head-on confidently. Being a creative leader, the services and solutions that Brandt offers have always stood-out as exceptional, as she believes in customizing solutions that address the needs of our customers. With a healthy appetite in taking risks, she has continued to lead the organization into steady growth with mergers and acquisitions happening in the near future.

"Brandt works with organizations to integrate strategies across a broad perspective of all elements of their business to support their customers."

From the day of inception, it is Brandt’s objective of helping organizations and individuals to ‘create impact through delivering on their brand promise’. Top of the mind for most organizations is how to create the competitive advantage and ensuring business profitability & sustainability. The company helps organizations make significant and radical improvements to their overall performance by addressing their most challenging issues, primarily in the areas of customer experience and management, by leveraging on digital platforms.

“We use a collaborative approach by taking a top management perspective to provide innovative solutions and practices that build our clients’ capabilities. While we deliver customized solutions, we have the clients’ future needs in mind and provide insights on how AI can support them in providing high-level services,” says Munirah. “We create opportunities for our customers to have the awareness and to gain advantages of employing robotic behavior modelling, machine learning and realize the depth of business intelligence that can be obtained with the wise use of data analytics. All this together, we provide them with game-changing intel on designing personalized Customer Experiences at every touch point.” As for their outsourcing operations, they implement internal CX practices that involves operations, quality, governance and training. This means that their CX operations is able to continuously iterate improvements and enable consistency no matter which team or touch point is being served. The key pillars within Brandt is People, Technology and Process. “We strongly believe in investing in Technology as an enabler for our customers. We are able to evaluate, conduct and implement the latest technologies like WFH encryption, Data Analytics, Voice Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot, Voicebots, RPA and many more,” adds Munirah.

An instance displaying Brandt’s expertise was that of a large regional payment gateway provider who had limited view of the end to end customer experience journey, undocumented customer service processes, incomplete knowledge base and inadequate analytics and insights. Brandt immediately mobilized their team, engaged the key stakeholders to work with our CX practitioners to define the necessary interventions while instilling governance and operational best practices, with performance metrics aligned against best practices in the industry. “Within two months, we were able to surpass the client’s internal team in terms of managing customer interactions. We were able to deliver better quality customer interactions for both voice and non-voice channels, better productivity and more importantly enabled the client to scale their business faster” says Munirah.

For the days to come, Brandt will continue to enhance their Customer Experience Delivery IT/Digital-Enabled Platform covering areas like Voice, Social Media (Chatbot, Live Chat, Email, messaging, whatsapp), Ticketing, and CRM. The company is also excited about their INCUBATOR model in helping entrepreneurs and technopreneurs to scale their businesses. Having been in business for over 16 years, and with the rich industry experience of our diverse management team, Brandt is able to help them from ideation to commercializing their products and services. We are also working through our strategic partners to facilitate opportunities to scale up their businesses covering areas like Investment Funding, Technology, Business Development, Customer Experience, Process Mapping, Culture Changes, Market Led Focus.

“For me, what has been most significant in this journey, is how I have been able to change so many lives through the individual and organizational impact that I have had the opportunity to be engaged in,” says Munirah. Her advice to entrepreneurs out there is “Have a clear end in mind, be laser-focused with what you would do but be agile with how you may want to do it.” “I believe in investing forward with your customers much like pay forward concept. The additional effort and investment you put in today to assist and help your customers will reap future rewards, so not everything is about dollars and cents. My definition of customers is both our internal and external”.IE


Brandt International


Dato’ Munirah Looi
FOUNDER/CEO Brandt International


Built on the company’s core expertise, Brandt helps organizations achieve enhanced service levels through transforming the approach, performance, quality and efficiency of the organization and its people. In addition, Brandt focuses on improving the customer management, quality and performance of individuals, teams and functions in delivering world class operational standards in Customer Management Excellence.

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