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Darlene Siegel
Chief Financial Officer of InfraMap Corp

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“A Leader for the Future”

Darlene Siegel, CFO of InfraMap Corp., is a successful, strategic, and analytical leader. Over the course of her career, Ms. Siegel has developed a reputation for her expertise, determination, and her willingness for facing challenges head-on. She is highly experienced in strategic financial planning, implementing new technologies, facilitating mergers & acquisitions, and driving change in organizational culture.

Ms. Siegel has repeatedly exhibited her abilities as a leader and model of success. As an executive officer, Ms. Siegel encourages staff to feel empowered, to strive to reach the next level every day and to pursue impact relentlessly. Ms. Siegel is particularly known for her mentorship of female employees, having successfully navigated upward mobility in an often male-dominated industry. As a female executive, Ms. Siegel has consistently guided her staff to develop and expand their skill sets, take on new challenges, and share their voice. The same can certainly be said of her personal impact at InfraMap Corp. In less than a year, Ms. Siegel has already demonstrated her strategic mindset and unique ideology as she helps steer the company to new heights. Her leadership skills are commonly used to motivate others to accelerate progress, improve efficiencies and identify opportunities.

InfraMap Corp. was founded in 1987 by CEO Paul Hayes to take technical advantage of a then emerging civil engineering practice, now known as subsurface utility engineering (SUE). InfraMap Corp. (originally founded as Accurate Locating) was one of the first SUE firms in existence, meeting a growing demand for this professional service. Mr. Hayes developed some of the first comprehensive professional standards and training manuals for the industry and holds numerous patents on utility locating technologies. The process of SUE is engaged in the pre-construction/planning phase of project development. It allows designers and engineers to use accurate utility data to create precise plans, avoid costly change orders or delays, and significantly reduce the risk of damaging utilities. This specialized niche of civil engineering gained wide support from the Federal Highway Administration and has been estimated to save an average of $4.62 for every dollar spent on SUE.

"InfraMap Corp. was founded in 1987 by CEO Paul Hayes to take technical advantage of a developing civil engineering practice, now known as subsurface utility engineering (SUE). InfraMap Corp."

As this practice became more widely utilized, the competition for these services naturally increased with more firms entering the field. Many of these specialized SUE firms have since been bought by larger engineering firms and now offer SUE as one of many disciplines. “What makes InfraMap stand out is our focus. Because SUE is exclusively what we do, we’ve dedicated all our resources to being an industry leader and developing a reputation of trust, accuracy, and reliability,” says Ms. Siegel. “To navigate the industry, we’ve developed a strategic approach which involves expertly identifying opportunities for growth, developing relationships in new markets, and actively maintaining existing client relationships by ensuring quality data, timely deliverables, and constant communication.”

InfraMap has developed a reputation for not only being a leader in the industry but for engineering solutions to challenges other firms have declined to take on. InfraMap was one of the first firms to successfully tackle subaqueous utility locating and has completed some of the largest locating and mapping projects ever undertaken by any firm. Our founder/CEO Paul Hayes holds numerous patents on utility locating devices, including the Utilivac® air/vacuum excavator and the drilling air lance. Both of these devices are key technology improvements over similar equipment are now used by hundreds of contractors, municipalities, consultants, utilities, and State DOT offices. This equipment is inexpensive to acquire (relative to comparable units) and requires minimal maintenance. As such, these improvements are directly relational to the cost of the service and are revolutionizing the way vacuum excavation projects are performed.

Ms. Siegel joined the InfraMap team at a pivotal juncture for the company. InfraMap has recently undergone an internal reorganization, is expanding into new territories and is in the process of updating numerous operational processes (many of which fall directly under Ms. Siegel’s purview). Additionally, InfraMap is developing new growth strategies, updating our business practices, and revamping a focus on improving company culture. Armed with decades of experience and comprehensive expertise, Ms. Siegel has been instrumental in guiding InfraMap into the next decade. Her abilities and talents will no doubt continue to prove effective and impactful, and directly contribute to InfraMap’s continued success. IE


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Darlene Siegel
Chief Financial Officer of InfraMap Corp


Since 1987, InfraMap has been providing professional subsurface utility engineering services. Our decades of experience, industry expertise and specified focus allow us to deliver quality data and a superior experience to our clients. Our resources allow us to offer big firm capabilities, but with a small firm feel. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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