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Danilo Cattaneo
CEO of InfoCert

Danilo Cattaneo, CEO of InfoCert Certificate

“Building Sustained Growth”

Danilo Cattaneo joined InfoCert as CEO in 2010, when the company was a recent spin-off from a larger IT company 100% owned by Public Sector. The company already had significant knowledge about security, cryptography, and digital signature features but is mainly focused on providing standard digital trust products, such as digital identities, electronic registered email, and digital signatures. Owing to his unique experience, Danilo pushed the company to change the go-to-market approach, using e-commerce and distributors for the standard products while focusing on the internal salesforce and product development in offering business solutions to medium and large customers' value-generating processes.

Thanks to a major cultural turnaround of the company, this was possible, starting from marketing and sales teams: at the time, digital trust services were – and still are for many other players in space – simple stand-alone products that shall bear the costs of strict regulation and sever audit processes. Danilo completely changed the internal and external narrative to present the company’s trust services as building blocks of a bigger value proposition that only InfoCert could bring into the market, solving problems for big enterprise customers. This has been a motivational effect, especially on the sales team empowered to present a wider, inspiring, and challenging storytelling that fascinated many customers. At the same time, every single employee has been accompanied and motivated during the change of approach and the daily way of working.

According to Danilo, even the acquisitions played a role in the growth, not only because they added to InfoCert the missing technical capabilities, “my team and I worked hard to enable the cultural contamination between the different organizations: not losing the traditional InfoCert’s institutional attitude and focus on compliance, but combining it with the business orientation, the informality, and the boldness of the acquired companies, that were former start-ups.”

"InfoCert is the one-stop-shop for digital trust for the transactions between natural persons, legal persons, but even in the human-to-machine and machine-to-machine intersection, that will be the next frontier of innovation."

The results confirm the success: the turnaround ultimately increased the revenues in the first year by 46% YoY and the margin even more. The increased size and market presence lead to a series of YoY increase in the number and quality of the people in the company, and that first year was followed by ten successful years, in which the company secured double-digit growth in revenues and margin. Nowadays, InfoCert is the largest Trust Service Provider in Europe and the third worldwide. “Such sustained growth results over many years are directly related to a vision of continuous innovation and value creation: the success of InfoCert customers, the various awards received by its customers thanks to innovative solutions are the engine of sustained growth.”

One of the company’s key differentiation factors is that they are the only ones who can provide end-to-end solutions to secure digital transaction, that brings together both technologically advanced features, cybersecurity tools, and compliance features. InfoCert is the one-stop-shop for digital trust for the transactions between natural persons, legal persons, but even in the human-to-machine and machine-to-machine intersection, that will be the next frontier of innovation. “Moreover, we offer our customers the possibility to completely outsource to us the liability of their process, guaranteeing the full global legal compliance; in addition differently from other more traditional competitors, we are an innovation leader: we invest more than 6% of our revenues in R&D each year, and we have a portfolio of multiple patents for our most innovative solutions,” adds Danilo.

This strategy has not only been rewarded by clients but has allowed InfoCert to be recognized globally by leading market analysts. Digital Trust is now a quite crowded market, with many small players and even fintech and regtech focusing on single portions of the overall value chain: in this context, it is not easy to find a blue ocean and be the sole player positioned. “However, thanks to the combination of technology expertise, know-how about business needs and processes and compliance frameworks we design extended solutions that address complex needs as onboarding in insurance and finance, remote digital booth for public government, digital compliant delivery services for utilities, e-invoicing, remote identity proofing with multi-layered trust,” says Danilo. IE




Danilo Cattaneo
CEO of InfoCert


InfoCert is a leading player in the field of Digital Transactions Management (DTM) and trusted services. In the last 15 years InfoCert served a significant number of customers, having issued more than 5 million qualified signature certificates, stored 700 million documents in long term law compliant digital preservation and handling every day more than 1 million registered e-mail and dozens of thousands electronic invoices. Building on this high volume law compliant trust services in the last 5 years InfoCert patented and offered to the market innovative paperless solutions, that helped enterprise customers innovate their processes, increase security and improve in effectiveness and cost efficiency, growing from 25 Million euro revenues in 2012 to 47 in 2015.

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