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Craig Kennedy
CEO of Inotec AMD

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“Treating Chronic Wound with Common Sense”

Craig Kennedy, CEO of Inotec AMD has a real insight into the wound care market and brings a lot of commercial credibility with him. Due to the multiple positions he has held, across many geographies his approach is truly global which allows Inotec to really understand and meet the needs of all our global customers. Craig has a real view of where he sees NATROX® in the coming years and he is able to communicate this effortlessly across all the internal and external stakeholders.

"Inotec AMD is now in the growth phase of their business plan."

NATROX® was born out of necessity. After witnessing that his aunt’s was not healing regardless of numerous treatments, Mel Vinton, Co-founder of NATROX decided to develop a commonsense solution to heal wounds using nature’s most basic element, Oxygen. According to Craig, chronic wounds are a largely underappreciated burden on the healthcare system, patients care giver and most importantly the patient’s quality of life. Global healthcare systems spend $50 Billion a year to treat 30 million chronic wounds. These patients suffer with chronic wounds for ages and many are painful and limit the mobility of the patient to the point of not being able to work. “One of the most memorable experiences I had when visiting patients in the clinic was a very nice, well put together lady who waited until she could ask me privately a question. She had a large and painful Venous Leg Ulcer on her lower leg which had been there a very long time,” says Craig. “Her question shocked me, it was not about the treatment or the pain but rather “when I walked in could you smell my wound?”. From that day forward I started to understand that the patient is dealing with much more than just a painful wound, their entire quality of life was affected.”

NATROX® was designed with patient convenience and safety in mind. NATROX® is simple to prescribe, can be used with almost all other wound care products, and can be managed by any clinician or caregiver in any setting. The genius of NATROX® is the simplicity of the use, by inserting the battery it automatically activates the device and requires no further attention for 24 hours when all one needs to do is change the battery.

According to a satisfied customer of NATROX, “I can quite honestly say, from personal experience, that the Natrox Oxygen Wound Therapy works! I am an 85 year old gentleman with diabetes, and developed a diabetic foot ulcer which became gangrenous. We were told there was no blood supply to my foot and this coupled with my age, the wound was deemed untreatable. The Consultant refused to consider any suggestions we made - the prognosis was not good. Not willing to accept this consultant’s decision, we carried out endless research and found case studies for this device. We contacted Inotec AMD who came to meet with us on 26th January 2020 and supported us by providing a device to enable treatment to start immediately. Within a few weeks the wound started to heal and was completely closed in a couple of months. This device is a miracle and we cannot thank Inotec AMD enough for their help and support. This Company and its people care about the patient! From the bottom of our hearts; thank you!! You are, quite frankly, lifesavers!”

Inotec AMD is now in the growth phase of their business plan. They have offices in the UK, US and Malaysia and will be focused on expanding their sales in all regions, for the days to come. The company has entered the US market last year and will be focused on growing the business in all market segments. “We have an incredible network of Key Opinion Leaders throughout the world that we will continue to expand on our clinical evidence and look for other indications where our product can benefit patients who currently do not have a good solution,” adds Craig.IE


Inotec AMD


Craig Kennedy
CEO of Inotec AMD


Inotec AMD is an exciting Cambridge based company that was formed specifically to introduce a new technology to wound care specialists and health care providers around the world. NATROX® Oxygen Wound Therapy is an innovative but simple device that delivers continuous pure humidified oxygen directly to the wound bed, thus stimulating and improving wound healing.

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