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Conny Martinez

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“Generating A Field of Action”

Conny Martinez, CEO of Yeapdata, is a professional woman in the world of Information and Communication Technologies, passionate about constantly researching new trends and customer needs in all industry sectors, to develop business solutions that enhance their business processes and that they find in the technology a strategic ally that provides high metrics and quality of life.

Conny’s intense personality, focus on achievement and results, restless and methodical, has helped to collect very important indicators to obtain results and demonstrate, based on analysis, how the development of technological solutions aligned with the business, generate value in companies and, are not areas or projects that consume resources and little productivity.

Being a woman, mother, wife, and businesswoman, there is not a day that Conny does not activate her leadership and intuition to solve everyday situations, “when the woman recognizes in herself all the capacities that she has to act at different areas of her life, she naturally generates a field of action that robust enough to motivate with leadership, direct with enthusiasm, control with wisdom, and build with emotions, whatever project she has in mind,” says Conny. “My best advice, for women, is to promote self-love and be persistent to achieve dreams. Love yourself and trust yourself.”

"Yeapdata can reduce risks, impacts, timely implementation, and stability results are great. The company builds solutions hand in hand with the client."

Conny’s mother has played an important role in molding the leader she is today. “I come from a coffee-growing town in southern Colombia called ¨La Union, Nariño - Colombia and my mother was my Sensei, she motivated me and guided me to pursue and achieve my goals in life, from my first steps as a girl, until I graduated and settled in the great city of Bogotá-Colombia, where I learned to recognize that great business leaders combine business intelligent, along with goals driven by emotions and I understood that this type of formula leads to forging great companies.”

The steadfast leader implements solutions from the best technology manufacturers. Yeapdata generates efficiency for companies with robust infrastructures in the technological area since they know how and what they want; therefore, by mastering this type of solution, Yeapdata can reduce risks, impacts, timely implementation, and stability results are great. The company builds solutions hand in hand with the client. Other companies know their internal processes well and have a clear projection of where they are going. However, its structure is based on somewhat rigid classical models, and they are not very clear on how to involve or implement a more robust structure with information and communication technologies, which will help them achieve their different objectives, such as the cost-benefit ratio, applications that manage their processes in an agile and simple way, unified communications and computer security, as the main variables. “At this point, from Yeapdata we understand the value chain and we design a tailored solution, being part of their Digital Transformation, without renouncing or leaving behind the valuable drivers of the past that have led them to be a one Big company. Only now they have Yeapdata, to be at the forefront of the market and their customers.”

“In a single expression, we are part of your company and we build optimal schemes for your business,” says Conny. “That is why, at Yeapdata, we are convinced that educating and training ourselves permanently becomes a method that opens the door to creativity, to visualize new scenarios, to generate efficient alternatives, to be on the lookout for change and once should this happen, we will be ready to react or have already anticipated.” Their portfolio covers all the needs of a wide range of clients, application development, network structure, computer security, digital business transformation, business intelligence, analytics, unified communications, and technology consulting.

According to Conny, despite being a company that designs Information Technology and Communications solutions, their greatest value is the human team and close personal relationships. “Therefore, when we establish ourselves with our clients, we integrate and mix with them, so that the customer service experience is more human, warm, personalized and in the end we have contributed to exceeding their expectations.” IE




Conny Martinez


Yeapdata is a company that integrates services and technology products in the area of unified communications and collaboration, cloud solutions, and telecommunications infrastructure solutions. Our business model allows us to be flexible in the processes that you need for your business. We have a team of professionals who will manage your processes and offer you comprehensive management.

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