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CEO of Maximize Value

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The Story of Maximize Value Consulting

Armed with a dream to help millions of people and supercharged with enough energy to fuel a rocketship to the moon, Chase Kreger has invested the last decade helping leaders lead, and sellers sell.

His obsession with developing winning leaders was ignited while playing D-1 Soccer at the University of Louisville. While earning his undergraduate degrees and competing for one of the top programs in the country, he realized he had a unique gifting for leading, selling, and public speaking.

After completing his degrees and soccer career, he went back to graduate school to earn his MBA. In the process of earning his Master’s Degree, his passion for serving leaders was elevated and he jumped headfirst into the corporate development industry.

Upon experiencing immediate success, he quickly found himself disappointed by some of the industry norms which included: useless certifications, geographical limitations, expensive solutions, the experts weren’t really experts, most of the content was google-able, and the facilitators didn’t know how to stimulate engagement.

During that moment of frustration, Chase realized the best solution was to go build a company himself that wasn’t trapped by all of these unnecessary limitations. So that’s exactly what he did.

Maximize Value Consulting: Disrupting the Continuum

In 2016, with the enthusiastic support of his wife Suzanne, Chase launched Maximize Value Consulting and they’ve already helped transform the lives of tens of thousands of professionals all over the world. They are proud to have a global reach, but they are even more energized by the fact that several of their partners have been in partnership with them since day one. Having that kind of loyalty to any brand is a tremendous honor, and they are appreciative of all the people who placed a bet on them when they were just getting started.

It is primarily because of their loyal partners that Maximize Value has been able to refrain from all traditional advertising and social media marketing, and just use word-of-mouth, referral-based selling to expand their international reach. Today, they can proudly say that they’ve had the privilege of impacting their partners in nearly every major city in America, and six different countries outside of the United States.

Maximize Value’s Commitment to Growth

The Maximize Value Team is growing and evolving, and they stay inspired by their lofty ambitions.

1.Family: Chase and his wife, Suzanne, have four little kids who bring them unending joy. He is confident that they will take over the company one day, and carry it to places he never could. His only hope is that they keep him around as their unpaid assistant so he can witness it all first-hand.

2.Serving: A dream to help millions of professionals lead better and sell more. Still plenty of work to do, and plenty of people to serve.

3.Generosity: An aim to give millions of dollars to gospel-centric charities, specifically with an emphasis of supporting underserved families. Generosity is, and always will be a pillar of the Maximize Value brand.

4.Writing: A focus on using writing as a means to scale their reach. Chase has already written and published his first book, Maximize Influence, and is committed to publishing several more books and using words to inspire others to reach their potential.

Chase’s Advice for Leaders:

Sally Hogshead brilliantly stated: “Different is better than better.” What she means by that is that you’ll never be able to compete with Bezos and Buffett in their fields, they have too many resources and too much leverage. But, you can still win at a high-level if you identify what makes you better, what makes you an expert, what makes you an original. Once you find those things, then go exploit your expertise in the service of others.

Another piece of advice that Chase would share with other leaders who have a dream of making a positive difference in the world, is from Jesus of Nazareth: “The greatest among you will be your servant.” Always remember to focus your energy on finding and serving the people whose lives will be significantly better with your help. There are many people in the world who need what only you can do, and it is your responsibility to go out there and find them.


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Chase Kreger
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Maximize Value is an infusion of motivation, an injection of inspiration, and a continuous shot of adrenaline. We provide the driven intensity needed to keep your leadership and sales teams in position to win.

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