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Casey Armstrong
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Alexander Cohen, COO of South Pacific Rehabilitation Services

We want to know your needs, wants, and ambitions. Determined and filled with creativity, Casey Armstrong, President of Armstrong Fairway Insurance Agency, Inc., says, "We'll help you plan, implement, and monitor a unique strategy." We understand families' challenges. The world can be an unpredictable place. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals and protect those who matter most. We think "beyond the box" and challenge conventional insurance wisdom. We focus our attention, commitment, and efforts on the client.

Casey's determination has helped her maintain a positive outlook in good and bad times. For her, creativity isn't frequently thought of in insurance, but there's room to think outside the box in every industry, and if you're not scared to fail, you'll find success where few others have looked.

As a long-time member of the Victor Valley Chamber of Commerce Board, Casey assisted and mentored young business owners. She also does everything she can to foster growth among her staff as well as sponsor several community events that support local municipalities and non-profit organizations. One thing she highly recommends to new business owners is to truly become part of the community. Customers appreciate it when they see that businesses care for residents, as opposed to seeing them only as potential clients.

Dale Carnegie once said, "People rarely succeed unless they have fun doing what they are doing." Many people are under the false impression that insurance is a mundane industry, but that’s precisely what makes the opportunity for fun so boundless. If you look at our Instagram page, half of the posts aren’t even related to insurance. It’s just me and my staff having fun and being silly. Prioritizing joy means success will surely follow, says Casey. The other thing goes back to creativity. She really started to attain success when she began dealing with Medicare, because she realized almost no other local insurance companies were broaching that business at the time. A senior must make the most complicated and important decision of their lives.

According to Casey, criticism might vary. She is happy to accept constructive criticism from other insurance industry leaders. When it comes to negative criticism, you need a thick skin and the ability to block it out. When you’re successful, you’re clearly doing something right. You may always improve, but don't backtrack based on someone who doesn't know you or your business well. Instead, Casey smiles, nods, and keeps crushing.

Casey says that keeping up with industry changes is crucial to success. We've expanded our social media presence with Instagram Reels, stories, and trending posts. We're also emphasizing SEO and have revamped our website to be more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. Anything we can do to make our services simpler to find is worthwhile.

Despite a population of nearly a quarter million, we work and live in a small-town neighborhood. Becoming a community member increases social capital. Our offices are in near Victorville, where I grew up and graduated high school, says Casey. Since she owned Armstrong Fairway Insurance, Casey has supported the community through event sponsorships and committee memberships of insurance. They're insurance experts, and they offer practically any sort of insurance one can think of, and their representatives have spent years becoming experts in many types. Armstrong Fairway Insurance is a one-stop shop that offers insurance you won't find anywhere else, adds Casey.

Casey's best achievement is her business's success after years of hard work. When she went solo, it was daunting, but she had faith in her ability and passion to serve others. She examined local and industry trends to determine regional service needs. She then simply began to fill those gaps. Once she provided hard-to-find coverage, clients returned for further requirements. She's had several long-term clients since she started. Client loyalty shows she's helping her community.

Casey advises asking questions. Casey and her employees analyze new trends, legislation, and policies to become insurance specialists. Healthcare, homeowner's, and life insurance are continuously changing. She encourages clients to ask questions so they feel safe leaving their workplace. They also use social media to reach new audiences. It's underused, especially in insurance. We will also remain very involved in the community, as stated by Casey.

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Casey Armstrong
Armstrong Fairway Insurance Agency


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