Carey Smith VP CTO Constellation

Carey Smith
VP CTO Constellation

Carey Smith VP CTO Constellation Certificate

“Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies”

Carey Smith, VP, CTO of Constellation is a visionary and tech expert who combines his business acumen, strategic vision and results-driven focus to design, plan and execute the digital solutions necessary to achieve the business objectives. With his business and IT focus, Carey has revolutionized the legacy technology of multiple traditional market incumbents into industry leading, modernized technology that has accelerated the organizations’ digital and operating model transformations. “I am an evangelist for harnessing the power of emerging technologies to solve the strategic needs of the business and provide unique, frictionless customer experiences,” he adds. “Leveraging industry experience and technical expertise, I focus on transforming the technology that optimizes business value - delivering digital maturity that drives innovation, growth, efficiency and profitability.” His progressive leadership approach is helping to elevate Constellation by securing, modernizing, digitizing and transforming the technology used to deliver both core services and innovative products.

“We have achieved the seemingly impossible – delivering significantly more products, quicker to market, with higher quality while reducing expenses”

Constellation IT has achieved a 24X efficiency increase in the delivery of new technology solutions allowing more digital products to be delivered with fewer resources and lower costs and 18X increase in velocity of delivering digital products to the market allowing for new solution delivery to be measured in days VS. months/years. “We have achieved the seemingly impossible – delivering significantly more products, quicker to market, with higher quality while reducing expenses,” explains Carey. “I am primarily focused on delivering innovative solutions and corporate ventures for the purpose of positioning our business to be a market leader and industry disruptor.” These new solutions include innovative insurance products, e-commerce and market differentiating digital platforms solidifying Constellation as an steadfast leader.

Through a growing portfolio of insurance companies, Constellation provides medical professional liability insurance to medical care providers – doctors, nurses, physician assistants, administrators, CEOs, CFO, physician groups, hospitals and senior living organizations. “We champion all those who devote their lives to health care and to the essential work of enhancing health – and life,” adds the steadfast leader. . “Our technology organization delivers the underlying technology products that allow Constellation to support our customers in their time of need.” Constellation is fortunate to be led by a bold Board of Directors, visionary leaders and a courageous organization of dedicated and talented employees.

Constellation provides patient safety solutions and claim expertise that can optimize care team efficiency allowing physicians, clinicians and other staff to do what they do best. Constellation provides comprehensive support services to their customers, hence they go beyond providing liability insurance coverage, combining services and consultation to offer customers something truly unique and helpful – ways to ease the burdens placed on health care teams, to retain talent, to improve efficiency and outcomes, and to allow more focus on precious time with patients.

Constellation has an aggressive growth strategy with a focus on both growing and diversifying their core business. For the days to come, this growth will be achieved through creative insurance product innovation, digital solutions and strategic partnerships. Low-code development, predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), modernized core platforms, and a re-imagined digital customer experience focused on simplicity, personalization and customer relevance are in store for the future. “It is inevitable that disruption will occur in our industry and Constellation intends to be at the forefront of this disruption,” elucidates Carey. “Already considered a market leader, Constellation will continue to innovate, push boundaries and challenge our industry peers.” IE




Carey Smith
VP CTO Constellation


Constellation® is a new look at something fundamental. With our growing portfolio of MPL insurance companies, we work together behind the scenes to help health care organizations and support care teams. Together, we can improve their ability to help and heal. Doctors, nurses, therapists, physician assistants, administrators, CEOs, CFOs, physician groups, hospitals, senior living organizations—this is who we serve.

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