Bruno Jouan, CEO of Gocil Segurança e Serviços, 10 Best Security Solution Providers of 2021

Bruno Jouan
CEO of Gocil Segurança e Serviços

Bruno Jouan, CEO of Gocil Segurança e Serviços

“Creating Out-of-the-box Tech Solutions”

The big challenge organizations face is adapting to the present day's unprecedented and uncertain scenario. Brazilian company, Gocil is assisting organizations with “Tailor Made” solutions to adapt according to each customer’s need in the present-day pandemic world. “We need to be creative to ensure an excellent service with safety and without jeopardizing our employees’ health, nor exposing our customers and their assets,” says Bruno Jouan, CEO of Gocil. “In order to do this, it is essential integrated technology with specialized workforce!”

Gocil was founded by Washington Cinel 35 years ago in Bauru, the countryside of São Paulo State. Gocil’s chore business has always been private security, but the company has evolved and kept pace with the market, fostering facilities and technology solutions with deliveries to hospitals, malls, educational institutions, and residential and corporate condominiums. “We are present in 14 States of Brazil, we have 23 thousand employees. We are always evolving, creating technological solutions and we constantly invest in this field so that we always have the best deliveries,” adds Jouan.

"Gocil’s Technology specialists present solutions in various environments and situations through consulting, development, implementation, and project monitoring."

The company’s big edge is delivering customized services to its customers. “We are investing a lot in innovation and I am a supporter of this symbiosis between qualified workforce and technological applications,” explains Jouan. “Gocil is always attentive to market news and therefore offers solutions, not only in the surveillance and facilities areas, but also to any needs that might occur at our partners’ operations and, the technology, together with training and well-designed processes, are our most competitive advantages.”

According to Jouan, Gocil supports new technologies and believes in automation, robotics, and AI being used for decision making. “In the world of security this brings us a huge opportunity which is the process automation, improving physical and logical security level and obviously, reducing and inhibiting incidents and mainly, inhibiting incident time response,” he says. “We use a integrated platform where all security devices from various different systems.”

Besides security camera control, Gocil’s Technology specialists present solutions in various environments and situations through consulting, development, implementation, and project monitoring. Because Gocil supports “tailor made” solutions, before any solution design, they offer to their customers some consulting to understand their needs and challenges. After this consulting stage, they draw together with the customer a customized solution for one’s real need. “These are the critical stages of the process, where we really invest most of the time to insure an innovative and safe experience that exceeds their expectations,” says Jouan. “After these stages we start the implementation, monitoring and maintenance of the project.”

In an instance, one of Gocil’s customers—an important player in the railway sector—faced material used in operation (wire and cable) loss problems; it failed to detect suspicious deeds or tort in the railroad yard, trains, and train stations. Jouan and his team conducted a project integrating surveillance with the workforce and integrating video intelligence analysis into sensor systems. By doing this, Gocil created operational intelligence, where human intervention wasn’t necessary to identify the events in the field, significantly decreasing time response to an incident and inhibiting new deeds. “The biggest challenge was to disseminate the benefits of the new model in the customer’s operational culture. It is common to find resistance to new processes and technologies but the unease ends when service delivery is optimized and validated with figures and statistics,” adds Jouan.

Gocil will work with a strategic mapping of companies aligned with their growth strategy in geographic and portfolio terms for the days to come. Highlighting Gocil’s performance through the Covid-19 crisis, the CEO says, “we were all caught off guard and our company has acted quickly to update our customers’ deliveries and preserve our workforce health. Because we provide essential service, we haven´t stopped any time and we keep delivering with the same efficiency, through a strict protocol.” He adds, “We have maintained the jobs, we understand our customers’ needs and were recognized by them as a real partner that understands their needs. We are always getting updated to exceed expectations in an agile, safe and efficient way.” IE


Gocil Segurança e Serviços


Bruno Jouan
CEO of Gocil Segurança e Serviços


One of the largest companies in the professional services and security markets in Brazil. Formed by four branches, patrimonial security, personal security, electronic security and general services. Counting with around 16.000 employees, Gocil is present at several brazillian states and offers its services to different segments, as medical, oil&gas, retail, industry, shopping centers, etc

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