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Bruce Piasecki
Founder & President
AHC Group

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“Humble yourself. Be open to frugal creative solutions. Be a team player, persist.”

After finishing his dissertation at Cornell, Bruce Piasecki established his firm in 1981. The AHC Group Inc. focuses on governance, energy, the environment, product innovation, and sustainability. With representatives in London, Calgary, Canada, Atlanta, Manhattan, Washington and other places thru the years, Piasecki’s teams assist with corporate governance, social responsibility, and investor relations. They cultivate responses based on triple competencies: legal, technical, and management savvy.

In short, they help complex global corporations like bp, Merck, WBA get the most out of their environmental strategy, make more connections with stakeholders and investors, and improve their corporate governance. For decades they’ve had 40 or 50 global Corporate Affiliate members, which support a private sanctuary of sharing twice a year. They call this the “Achieving Results” workshop series. This provides them with special insight and practical state of the art programs and solution paths.

Piasecki is a New York Times bestselling author and speaker on shared value and social response capitalism. He's written 19 books on climate solutions, business strategy, capital markets, and corporate change, including World Inc, now out in ten foreign editions. Recent books after the bestseller include Doing More with Teams, World Inc., Missing Persons, and 2040: A Fable.

Bruce Piasecki is president and founder of AHC Group, Inc., a management- consulting firm. For more than 30 years, AHC Group has focused on the critical areas of corporate governance consulting, energy, and environmental strategy, product innovation, and sustainability strategy. Whether working with Toyota, Shaw Industries, Suncor Energy, or FMC, Bruce and his team show companies how to compete on price, quality, and social needs.

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In March 2022, "A New Way to Wealth: The Power of Doing More with Less” became a global book. His world tour included a 10-podcast series in Paris, a month in the main cities of Australia, and elsewhere. See Mia Funk’s podcast Creative Process series for more.

Bruce puts reputation before money. In his books and practice. He argues strategy is about realigning money, people, and rules. He finds for the moments in history when we pivot to common good. His view was influenced by Ben Franklin's habits and intuition. He described the value of corporate purpose for decades before it became a buzz word.

Bruce embraces criticism as a CEO and founder of the public charity Creative Force Foundation. He explains that after a competitive basketball game, the statistics are published. As a leader, your response to input and criticism matters, says Bruce. “Hiding in the sand is not possible. In collisions and creative tension teams grow”, he asserts.

Besides his steady work ethic, Piasecki acknowledges his wife, publisher/editor Andrea Carol Masters, and other members of his family and his daughter. Since they met at Cornell 40 years ago, Andrea has supported Bruce's business and writing without asking him to choose one over the other. One tale they tell is about rejection. "Regarding the global book World Inc, it was repeatedly rejected. After another rewrite the same publisher accepted it a year later”. His wife noted that the original rejection memo was misfiled, perhaps deliberately by Bruce. Bruce kept submitting better versions.” There is a tone of sportive seriousness in all of his work/firm.

In his book, Doing More with Teams, Piasecki interviews and describes Michael Jordan and the Navy Seals as persistent achievers (John Wiley & Sons). “After Doing More with Less became popular, I was asked to write about teams. Teamwork and captain persistence are more important than competitive frugality. They exist in the same family of achievements. “Persistence wins” out in most lives”, says Bruce. His daughter, a doctor, agrees.

The Creative Force Foundation awards young business and social writers under 40 globally.

In his new book, "A New Way to Wealth," Bruce's competitive principles are described. In a short book of 160 pages at 17 dollars, meant for a new generation of leaders, Piasecki calls for discipline, public-mindedness, and social purpose in capitalism. Bruce says a new route to riches empowers you, your teams, employees, learners, leaders, and organizations to be successful through frugality. “Once you refocus your energy around competitive frugality, you further develop your creativity and survival instincts.

This encourages fulfillment, societal good, and company growth. They are all related in the end, in retrospect. “I can do much more now with a smaller staff than ever before. It is a creative spiral, in a sense.”

Visit on company, on the media and reception of the books. On company homepage, click on Merck icon to see how they worked with Bruce Piasecki to choose seven CEOs, EVPs, and trend experts for a three-year carbon neutrality project. “We-as a council facing their top 25 leaders-helped Merck reach its carbon neutrality targets before carbon pricing and global rules.” That he argues is exceptional.

After 40 years of profitability, Bruce notes he no longer enjoys the job of hiring and firing.

Bruce Piasecki is on the Board of Directors, with Bill Novelli and Dr. Mona Sarfaty, of the Medical Consortium on Public Health and Climate change. He remains chair of the AHC Group Inc.; and founder of the Creative Force Foundation Inc. IE


AHC Group


Bruce Piasecki
Founder & President
AHC Group


Since 1981 the AHC Group, a general management consulting firm headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY, has specialized in the critical areas of corporate governance, energy, product, and environmental strategy.

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