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“Formulating Results for a Better Tomorrow” -

For Bruce Hutson, the CEO of NF Skin, relationship building, customer service, and networking are three of several pillars to running a successful business. The genuine partnerships he has made throughout his time as an entrepreneur have been integral to the rapid growth of NF Skin over the last two decades, as the company has leveraged its industry relationships and trade secrets to stay ahead of the curve.

NF Skin was formed from Bruce’s previous private label, nutraceutical, and cosmetic venture over two decades ago that was primarily focused on the affiliate marketing space. Under his leadership, the organization has taken many shapes over the last two decades and has seen tremendous growth. NF Skin provides solutions for the Private Label Industry by creating a simplified branding and fulfillment process where everything is done inhouse, under one umbrella! “We offer hundreds of proprietary blends and stocked products for large MLM companies, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs to brand and sell out of their store fronts or distribute online,” says Bruce. “We cover the entire branding process, from R&D, container selection, graphic design, label making, and distribution.” The company’s fulfillment center, RT Fulfillment, is a high-capacity distribution warehouse that services thousands of brand shipments daily, creating a streamlined process for NF Skin’s client brands that utilize fulfillment services.

“We cover the entire branding process, including R&D, container selection, CBD compliance, packaging design, and fulfillment!”

NF Skin has also reinvented the Private Label Industry’s relationship with CBD. When you create a CBD brand with NF Skin, you are provided with label content and information that adheres to regulatory standards. “We have a Compliance Officer onsite that ensures we adhere to regulatory standards for the branding and distribution of hemp-derived products, which helps take the guess work and fear out of branding CBD products,” adds Bruce. “We also have a third-party lab test all of our finished CBD products. These results are available OnDemand for anyone that purchases the products we manufacture, like our client’s consumer, so that they can be assured that their blends are safe and effective for use.”

Having spent over 20 years in both the nutraceutical and skincare manufacturing spaces, NF Skin is on the pulse of new ingredients and regulations and has the experience necessary to differentiate between trends that will change the market forever from those that will fade. This allows for NF Skin to invest in what’s going to stay in the industry and make a positive impact for the consumer experience. “We exhibit and attend some of the largest and most renowned trade shows in our sectors, such as COSMOPROF, ECRM, franchisee shows for our big box brands, CBD EXPO, LUXE PACK, and others to gain insight on trends that are well-received in the industry that we may not be doing and strategize on how we can strengthen and flex our products and services to meet the new demands of the market,” explains Bruce. “We also formulate for RESULTS! A lot of our blends started out as R&D to help people in need. For example, our friends, clients, employees, and family members will approach us with their own beauty and wellness concerns. We’ll then recommend one of our own products, often customizing it slightly for that individual’s needs." This altered version of the blend, if consistently and appropriately reported to be more effective than the original proprietary version, will become a new product that clients can brand and offer to their customers. “By formulating our Private Label and White Label skincare and other products for results, we continue to see great feedback from our clients and increased sales”

One of NF Skin’s many achievements is its RTI (Real-Time Inventory) Program. When clients join this program, they can select from hundreds of CBD skincare and wellness products stocked onsite to brand and distribute without buying any inventory themselves! Once they brand the editable label templates and print and ship them to the fulfillment center, they can integrate their website with RT Fulfillment’s cloud-based fulfillment software and immediately distribute products to their online customers. Through this program, small and large companies that were interested in creating CBD skincare and wellness products but were hesitant to invest in the R&D and production are able to brand and distribute tried-and-true inventory with minimal risk! “This was huge for us as a private label manufacturer as we were the first to do this with CBD skincare and cosmetic products,” adds Bruce. For the days to come, NF Skin has diverted a lot of their attention to conducting clinical testing of their CBD products for specific ailments. This is showing great results and garnering the attention and partnership of hospital treatment centers (names confidential at this time). IE


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Bruce Hutson
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NF skin is a prominent formulator and manufacturer of the highest quality, skincare products in the industry and focuses on private label and white label products for e-commerce retailers worldwide. NF skin prides itself on providing top quality products at the most competitive prices on the market with a focus on skin, hair, spa and custom formulations.

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