Bret England, President & CEO of CallTower

Bret England
President & CEO of CallTower

Bret England, President & CEO of CallTower Certificate

“World’s Most Advanced Unified Communications Provider”

Companies worldwide experienced a unique challenge in 2020 that will alter the way they do business moving forward. The COVID-19 virus has changed communication services for almost all organizations; many have moved from traditional handset phones, in-person meetings, and infrequent video conferencing calling to more robust remote communication solutions. Many organizations shifted to work from home (WFH) environments to keep their employees safe. And while some companies had the technology in place to make this shift happen with minimal preparation, many did not. Business decision-makers had to quickly discover what tools were necessary to replace traditional phone and in-person meetings with online communication solutions that enable team members to be productive and efficient, both internally and with customers and vendors.

CallTower is in a unique position to help organizations make this shift. Since 2002, CallTower has focused on solutions that allow people to connect and empower companies with leading-edge communications technologies to meet the needs of a quickly evolving business environment. CallTower exists to enable people to connect to transact business communications easily.

"CallTower enhances our clients’ strategic and operational capabilities by integrating VoIP service, mobile applications, email hosting, unified messaging, instant messaging, audio, web and video conferencing, collaboration tools, contact center, cloud services and global networks solutions into one reliable platform."

CallTower is a leading cloud-based, enterprise-class Unified Communications, Contact Center, and collaboration solutions for growing organizations worldwide. CallTower offers integrates, and supports industry-leading, cloud-based solutions, including Cisco® HCS, Cisco® Webex, Native Microsoft® Teams Direct Routing, Microsoft® Office 365, Enterprise Hosted Skype for Business, CT Cloud Voice, CT Cloud Boost, CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom and multiple cloud contact center solutions for business customers. CallTower's solutions are easily provisioned via a single pane of glass online portal, CallTower Connect.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, CallTower offers a full range of Microsoft applications. At the heart of Microsoft’s communication services, CallTower offered a Native Teams Direct Routing solution and hosted Skype for Business in our private cloud; both are part of Office 365. “Microsoft Teams calling and conferencing has experienced explosive growth in 2020. Teams passed 115 million daily active users in October 2020, up 53% from the 75 million daily active users in April 2020 and up almost 800% from just 13 million daily active users in July 2019,” says Bret England, CEO & President of CallTower. “We deliver a highly reliable Teams Direct Routing solution. In 2020, we experienced uptime of approximately 99.99% call completions and no-hassle conferencing solutions.”

As per Bret, Cisco has also seen tremendous growth supporting remote workers who functioned with traditional Cisco hosted phones delivering Webex calling and conferencing. CallTower has offered Cisco telephony technology for almost 19 years and provides dependable vetted Cisco communications services. In addition to Microsoft and Cisco business communication solutions, CallTower provides robust Metaswitch solutions called CT Cloud. Microsoft recently purchased Metaswitch due to its solid telephony switching technology, and we look forward to the additional synergy this move will deliver.

What CallTower and most organizations learned this past year is business has changed permanently. WFH is a reality that is operating remarkably well for many organizations. As we see the threat of COVID-19 dissipate, the workplace will be remarkably different as we move forward. CallTower expects organizations will deploy a hybrid workforce with a mix of in-office and remote personnel. Today, CallTower offers three incredibly effective telephony solutions, three contact center solutions, a SIP Trunking solution, multiple connectivity solutions, and fax solutions. CallTower hosts these core solutions, and administrators can make solutions changes for their organizations through CallTower Connect. CallTower’sUCaaS offerings provide full integration of productivity tools and network-connected, enterprise-grade communication technology.

CallTower will continue to invest in their existing core offerings of UCaaS and CCaaS with Microsoft, Cisco, and CT Cloud Voice and expand our offering with Five9, Telax, and other contact center solutions. Their admin portal, CallTower Connect, continues to evolve as more products and features are added to allow our customers to self-manage their communication needs. “We are currently implementing products, such as automatic failover options, and feature enhancements such as, security, device management tools, analytics, and international reach expansion,” adds Bret. “We also see expansion in SMS integration technologies and plan to expand our international presence.” IE




Bret England
President & CEO of CallTower


Since its inception in 2002, CallTower has become a leading provider of cloud-based, enterprise-class Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions for growing organizations worldwide. CallTower provides, integrates and supports industry-leading, cloud-based, UCaaS and CCaaS solutions, including Cisco® HCS, Cisco® Webex, Native Microsoft® Teams Direct Routing, Microsoft® Office 365, Enterprise Hosted Skype for Business, CT Cloud Voice, CT Cloud Boost, CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom and Cloud Contact Center for business customers.

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