Bob Beringer, CEO & Chairman of Electronic On-Ramp, 10 Best Security Solution Providers of 2021

Bob Beringer
CEO & Chairman of Electronic On-Ramp

Bob Beringer, CEO & Chairman of Electronic On-Ramp

“Generating Jobs for Jobseekers Equaling Their Potential ”

Organizations have faced numerous challenges throughout the pandemic, including increasing constraints, legislation, loss of life, personal devastation for many families, organization-wide decisions to shut down or telecommute, obtaining funding while limiting contact with their customers, and monitoring performance of employees; all while dealing with increasing costs of raw materials, inflation and many other issues that all of us are far too familiar with.

EOR increased their research, development, and commercialization activities; EOR doubled down by utilizing existing resources, leap-ahead technologies, brought to market previously classified technologies, and advanced security solutions to empower their customers with radical solutions that could outpace the challenges identified above. EOR has maintained a laser-like focus and a holistic approach to address our customer’s needs and desired outcomes. EOR is owned by a Service Disabled Veteran (VOSB/ SDVOB), an expert in Architectural, Engineering, Information Assurance, Intelligence, Counter Intelligence, Forensics products, and services.

"EOR’s performance tracking platform takes an additional step by monitoring brain states to measure when employees reach highly profitable 'flow states', and that those high performers aren’t bothered while they are enjoying their work and doing great things for the organization and our customers."

One of the things they have all faced is identifying early “if someone is infected with the COVID Virus” or “otherwise not at their highest ability to perform for work.” To do this, EOR built and deployed health sensors for the employees and customers, and then they deployed advanced collaboration software that provides all members of organizations to collaborate in real-time, utilizing advanced screen sharing technology that provides teams with person-to-person and multiscreen collaboration all at the same time. “EOR then added other performance indicators that empower organizational leaders to monitor all users that are telecommuting with granular detail that includes screen time, eyes on which document, eyes on which sentence, words per minute, grammar level and many other leaderboard metrics that gamify performance and ensure that individual performance is rewarded while ensuring that employees aren’t burning themselves out or, in the inverse,” says Bob Beringer, Chairman Emeritus for the Electronic On-Ramp.

EOR’s platform goes beyond this by monitoring brain states to ensure that if employees have attained highly profitable “flow states,” those high performers aren’t bothered while enjoying their work and doing great things for the organization's customers at the same time. EOR’s software has API integrations for other performance measures like VO2 MAX, EEG, ECG, EKG, HRV, BMI, Movement, Pulse Oximeter, and much more. EOR’s software understands the risks of employing remote workers in various locations like California, where fines for not forcing employees and contractors to take periodic breaks or lunches can result in hefty fees. The same can be true of OSHA violations in other states, all of which can be easily addressed by EOR’s software that reminds workers to take breaks and shut down their desktops if they refuse to break after multiple gentle reminders.

EOR’s security software provides data security at rest, data security in transit, easy key management and protection down to a specific object within a document, and protects organizations from getting into the types of trouble that we have seen with email and other data leakages from email servers at the Department of State, to the defectors that left the National Security Agency. This is why EOR’s software watermarks documents similar to how a non-fungible token works and network-based access for many of EOR’s networks operate off of a deny all ruleset with single packet-like authentication that is mapped to each business system. EOR continues to lead the way in onsite and remote cyber security-based solutions with the added benefit of having access to metadata, advanced netflow data that has become the basis of a cyber reputation score for EOR’s employees of customers.

EOR is constantly learning and evolving. “We see EOR as a continued top-tier technology focused, sought-after company who consistently innovates in and beyond the emerging technology landscapes,” says Beringer. “EOR continues to be innovative in our approach to securing the future of our people, securing the networks that our work is performed on, and securing the applications that we interact with. EOR is innovating across the cyber landscape focusing on ways to make the cyber environment safer, more secure, more efficient, more effective, more productive and much more profitable for us all.”


Electronic On-Ramp


Bob Beringer
CEO & Chairman of Electronic On-Ramp


The Electronic On-Ramp, Inc. (EOR) is a Native American Indian, (8a) certified Small Disadvantaged Business, with primary offices located in a HubZone. EOR is owned by a Service Disabled Veteran (VOSB / SDVOB). EOR is skilled in providing Architectural, Engineering, Information Assurance, Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, Forensics products and services. EOR specializes complete lifecycle solutions, and in helping the “good guys” from around the world with Assessments, Evaluations, Remediation, Configuration Management, Monitoring, Security Enhancements and in building integrated Secure Network Operation Centers (iSNOC), with a focus on detecting covert communications channels and reducing insider threat.

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