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Blai Paco Sanchez
CEO of Intarex SL

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“Growing with Their Customers”

Intarex believes that a company’s success depends on its customer’s success. For them, development is all about shared goals and the capability to create their product alongside offering the ability to integrate solutions developed by others. The company's primary goal is to offer its customers the product to help them get enhanced ROI. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal for the company, and they emphasize offering the best technological solutions for taking their client to new heights.

“Intarex was born in 1994 with a clear statement: Standard solutions for vertical markets. Since then, more than 300 client in more than 20 countries had trusted Intarex’s solutions to grow.”

Intarex was born in 1994 with a clear statement: Standard solutions for vertical markets. During those years, the market was already suffering the consequences of tailored projects that could not change as per market transformations. Intarex’s primary goal has always been offering a bespoke project integrated into a reproducible standard for its customers. The company custom builds the solution rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution.

To work towards the goal of making custom but standard solutions do complicate the analysis and development process. When working on a custom requirement, Intarex needs to visualize and understand the challenge being faced; once they have detected the particularity of their customer’s requirement, the team of experts from Intarex start building the solution. As a specialist, they need to delegate the evolution of the ERP so that Intarex can focus on their products and solutions. The company is SAP Partners and works with SAP Business One. At the moment, Intarex is working on Intelligent Enterprise solutions applied to their specialization so that the customers can enjoy it. Intarex believes in a transformative purpose that guides the actions; for example, their purpose is to help companies' progress. For Intarex management, it is essential to be surrounded by committed, disruptive, and eager people to change the world and democratize technology. People who want to imagine and invent things and assist the company to grow to its utmost capabilities.

For example, Norvil –a Spanish company– ranks as a leader in the production of professional custom apparel thanks to SAP Business One and the vertical solution of Intarex. The activity carried out by Norvil, design and manufacture of personalized workwear, requires comprehensive and precise management of several areas of its business: sales, purchasing, production, logistics and finance. Working with multiple raw materials, suppliers and customers, whose products are customized, needed to be integrated on a single solution. Norvil solved it by implementing SAP Business One, with Intarex as a project partner. Once they took the assistance of Intarex they incorporated SAP Business One—the most widespread management software, as per the client’s requirement. After that, the client witnessed their capability to trace their products in the form of raw material, assembly, verifications, and finishing. Errors have been minimized in the communication of stocks and delivery times.

Discussing the current pandemic, Intarex’s team says that their main concern has been to stay close to their customers during the crisis. The company has supported each of their customers in their respective transition, guiding them through every step. Intarex’s support department has been enhanced so that they can cater to their customer’s needs while taking care of their company.

For the days to come, Intarex will be working towards building more innovative products for customer benefits and creating Product Committees with appropriate technology for their customers and coordinated by their Product Managers. They will be investing in research and development to create more technologically enhanced products and develop their departments in the best way. They are currently developing Artificial Intelligence products with useful applications for their customers. They are also working to adapt, integrate, and enact the Sustainable Development Goals. “Nothing makes sense if we do not first work on the respect for others, for life and for our planet. Everyone, from their position, needs to see how they can help reduce their footprint, and we, as a company, need to study what we can do as an organization,” says the management of Intarex.IE


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Blai Paco Sanchez
CEO of Intarex SL


En Intarex, fundada en 1994, contamos actualmente con una cartera de más de 200 clientes, distribuidos por todo el mundo. Nacidos en un clúster textil y de curtidos, como es la ciudad de Igualada, en Intarex siempre hemos sido especialistas en los sectores de la Moda, Calzado y Curtidos, y ahora también sector Óptico, disponiendo para ellos de la mejor Suite de productos informáticos.

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