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Barbara Paldus
founder and CEO of Codex Beauty

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“Redefining the Beauty Arena”

According to Barbara Paldus, founder and CEO of Codex Beauty, the beauty industry has a lack of transparency, science and is afraid of data. More recently, the “clean” beauty movement started a trend of fearmongering about chemicals, when in fact even water is a chemical. By burying science and logical thought, they are doing a disservice to the consumer who can’t make rational decisions based on facts. “Our main mission is to lead the beauty industry in adopting a scientific and data-driven approach to ingredient sourcing, product safety, product efficacy, and overall sustainability, in order to improve customer satisfaction and trust,” she says. “Our ‘three pillars’ are product performance, sustainability, and data-driven transparency. Everything we do is based on science and facts no storytelling or marketing.”

"Barbara wanted to create high performance beauty products that are affordable to everyone and show that this can be done in a sustainable way."

Barbara wanted to create high performance beauty products that are affordable to everyone and show that this can be done in a sustainable way. “I started Codex to demonstrate to the beauty industry that not only is quantitative data about all aspects of the products relevant, but it is essential for customers to make the best purchasing decisions and obtain truly functional products at the best possible price.” She adds, “I am proud that we invented a new preservation system (PreservXTM) that is micro-biome friendly and food-grade, as well as a plant-based complex (BiaComplexTM) that not only hydrates skin, but seals in the moisture and protect the skin barrier. Both technologies have been granted U.S. patents in less than a year!”

It is pertinent to mention that humans have been using plants for medical and skincare purposes for thousands of years. Indigenous people have had hundreds if not thousands of years to experiment and collect informal clinical data on the use of specific plants for specific problems. Ethnobotanists study local herbal medicine in the context of the local environment and are specialized in explaining how the plants are used. “There is synergy within the plant that we use the whole part, but we still need to optimize the extraction method for the bio-actives, and ensure with the help of a toxicologist that there are no dangerous constituents in the plant extract,” she explains. “We leverage fermentation technologies to manufacture the bio-actives. These ingredients can be used in state-of-the-art formulation, but again verified for performance in efficacy trials run in a clinic.”

The steadfast leader is proud of the fact that in a year, they have not only launched six products, have achieved EcoCert COSMOS, EWG Verified and MyMicrobiome certification for all of their products (as well as Vegan and Leaping Bunny), and now sell these products on four continents (to be six in 2021) and 20 countries. This sets a new standard for the industry. Their growth is expected to end the year somewhere between 500 percent and 600 percent.

For the days to come, Codex is launching a brightening line called Antü in early 2021. The AntuComplex was designed to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation (that leads to premature aging and loss of collagen), especially from sun exposure and pollution. Their brightening products harness the power of bio-actives from Patagonian plants long valued by the Mapuche people for their protecting and healing properties. The collection focuses on managing reactive oxidative stress (ROS) with a blend of ancient Mapuche herbal knowledge, genetic analysis of the extracts, partnerships with local Mapuche wild harvesters, organic producers, and a high-tech cGMP manufacturing facility.

“In two to three years, I would like to see Codex have a successful solution for hydration (Bia) inflammation (Antu), collagen-loss and wrinkle formation (Saga 2022), as well as drive Codex into masstige markets and pharmacies with innovative solutions for acne, dermatitis, SPF, and after-sun care,” explains Barbara. “I would also love to develop products focused on skin problems of athletes and people with active lifestyles, as well as feminine hygiene where inflammation, infections and microbiome protection are still unresolved.” IE


Codex Beauty


Barbara Paldus
founder and CEO of Codex Beauty


Codex Beauty is grounded in science, organic and vegan ingredients, plant-based preservatives, pharmaceutical-grade processes, safety and efficacy trials, innovative and sustainable packaging, and third party certification. All products are submitted to the kind of rigorous testing found in biotechnology and a strict adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP).

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