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Aziza Abed
Founder and CEO of Pure Health Dental

Aziza Abed, Founder and CEO of Pure Health Dental Certificate

“Pioneer a new clinical management ”

Aziza Abed, Founder and CEO of Pure Health Dental Partners’ ambition and hard work over a two-year period acquired 9 dental practices into 6 locations and continues to grow incrementally. Pure Health Dental Partners is a Dental Service Organization (DSO) serving over 7500 patients. Pure Health Dental provide general dentistry and specialty services to patients of all demographics. PHD’s practices accept a wide variety of insurance plans and also provides an in-house savings plan for those patients with no insurance. PHD’s goal is to provide their patients with an affordable, safe, personalized care, clean and advanced technological environment. They know how important their patient’s overall health is, so they have created the highest standard of care platforms that are ADA, AAP, CDC, OSHA and Ohio State Dental Board recommended.

"Pure Health Dental has become a leading dental group practice in Ohio"

Aziza started her career as a dental hygienist. She was fortunate to work for a DSO (DentalOne Partners) that believed in her ability to pioneer a new clinical management role to help grow the organization. At DentalOne Aziza was able to implement clinical and operational guidelines to ensure regulatory compliance protocols were being followed. Aziza and her happy dedicated teams were able to sustain positive year over year EBITDA growth. Aziza is known in the industry for being people orientated, creating everlasting relationships and most of all, always treating everyone with the utmost respect and gratitude. After 14 years of serving DentalOne, she was recruited by another DSO -North American Dental Group which at the time only had 36 locations. Her positions at NADG were Senior Director of Operations and Clinical Director of Operations. She helped create and implement clinical and operational platforms that were scalable to allow for the company’s vision of multi-unit group growth as well as year over year incremental EBITDA growth. As you can see, between her passion for dentistry, her past experiences, her supportive influencers, her drive and motivation all led her to be the first female dental hygienist to start a DSO. She also serves on the editorial board for Group Dentistry Now, lectures for dental residency programs and does public speaking engagements. Advising the future women entrepreneurs, Aziza says, “Find your passion, set goals, surround yourself with positive people, learn from those that are willing to teach you, never think you know it all, respect people, show compassion, create your own core values and don’t stray from them no matter the circumstance and always revisit your goals. Dreams do come true as long as you put the work into it and stay focused!” Aziza is blessed to work alongside two of her five sons, Kamal (Director of Operations) and Jamal (Director of Business Development), both of which share the same passion.

Dentistry is a health care service industry, so it is vital that the focus be on the patient’s overall health and wellness needs. It is also critical to ensure the team members have standard operating procedures to ensure they are following all regulatory compliance rules and regulations to keep them safe. In dentistry infection control and OSHA have always been at the forefront of normal standards but with the current unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic it is even more crucial that these rules are followed to perfection. There is no room for error. At PHD, they also focus on clinical quality assurance and hire in top-notch talent to serve their patients. PHD takes the health and safety of their patients and teams very seriously.

PHD is owned and managed by partners that are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to their patients and teams. The “people” team culture concept of the business is truly their number one priority. Their vision is to have a presence in over 20 cities across the state of Ohio. IE


Pure Health Dental


Aziza Abed
Founder and CEO of Pure Health Dental


PURE Health Dental Partners is a new company that was founded to create an industry leading group of dental offices. We will be concentrating on both acquisitions and denovos. Regardless of the model, the practices will be equipped with state of the art technology and will operate within the hours most convenient for our patients. Our providers will be partnering with the patient’s physicians and focusing on our patient’s overall “ dental / health” wellness. PURE Health Dental provides world class care to their patients as well as their teams. The foundation of PURE Health Dental will be built on their core values of Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Clinical Quality, Growth Orientated, Determination and Synergy.

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