Alexander Cohen, COO of South Pacific Rehabilitation Services, Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2022

Alexander Cohen
COO of South Pacific Rehabilitation Services

Alexander Cohen, COO of South Pacific Rehabilitation Services

“Collaboration opens door”

South Pacific Rehabilitation Services is a privately-owned company and has proudly provided rehab services throughout Northern and Southern California for over 30 years. Alexander Cohen, COO of South Pacific Rehabilitation Services, collaborates directly with the executive team to build on the success of the company as one of the top-rated providers of rehabilitation in the state.

Alex establishes ambitious yet attainable objectives for development, performance, and profitability. He plays a crucial role in budgeting, forecasting, and allocating resources. He also builds strong strategic alliances and connections with clients, suppliers, banks, investors, and others who have a stake in the business.

Alex is an accomplished, forward-thinking COO with an outstanding track record of leading strategic operations, business growth, P & L, and people management for multi-site healthcare businesses. He excels at monitoring the financial and operational performance of the organization by measuring and analyzing outcomes, implementing corrective actions, and minimizing discrepancies. In addition, he demonstrates a history of generating income through proactive bench marking of best practices, the establishment of KPIs, and cost management. Throughout his career, he has played a pivotal role in generating revenue, increasing profitability, and driving major corporate expansion. In the spirit of corporate community, Alex also meets with a group of business owners once a week to provide advice on their goals and performance while also introducing them to people who may be able to help them.

For Alex, collaboration and frequent communication with the entire regional team are essential components of his business; regular discussions and sound boarding helps his team stay calm and focused during challenging times. He believes that is it through such collaboration and the ability to talk freely in a safe environment that the company and his team can continue to succeed.

Alex introduced new management levels and a new reporting structure that makes regional management and vice presidents accountable for their areas of operations by establishing monthly metrics that must be reached. He focuses on motivating employees and promoting staff retention by expanding educational possibilities, boosting healthcare benefits, and providing PPO to all our employees.

Alex advises acting quickly and accepting responsibility. Each regional manager is encouraged to run their region as if it was their own enterprise. The company only functions as a resource if a region is performing poorly; otherwise, the regional manager in that area makes all the executive decisions. Alex believes that each of the company’s regional managers know their own region the best and that he has built a team of managers he trusts to help the company succeed.

Alex says, “We have invested in proprietary technology designed to help our client base achieve better outcomes for their patients. We don't just look at the patient from the point of view of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Instead, we also look at the patient from a nursing and non-therapy point of view.” It is this broader view that separates South Pacific Rehabilitation Services from its competitors.

Alex claims that many of their competitors compete on pricing; South Pacific competes on quality of care and producing the best outcomes. “Our outcomes have always been far higher than the national norm, and we continue to invest in education and analytics to guarantee that our clinicians achieve these outcomes. We will never be the cheapest alternative, but we will always prioritize care quality.”

By educating their MDS coordinators on coding, South Pacific has regularly been able to get higher ADR (Average Daily Rates) for their skilled clients in terms of PDPM education. As an example, numerous MDS coordinators do not always adequately scan the history & physical examination from the acutes and frequently do not code the majority of co-morbidities for which the hospital is providing care, and this leads to a decrease in ADR. “Consequently, we are an additional set of eyes that can guarantee good coding.” With Alex’s leadership and big-picture view of the rehab business, South Pacific Rehabilitation Services has increased its client base by more than 100% over the last four years. IE


South Pacific Rehabilitation Services


Alexander Cohen
South Pacific Rehabilitation Services


South Pacific Rehabilitation and its affiliate Rehab Alliance is a privately owned company, Californian based contract therapy provider with over 40+ years experience. Today, South Pacific Rehab and its affiliate service 13 acute hospitals, over 80 SNFs and 30 senior living communities throughout California.

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