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Jacopo Giuso
CFO Frutco AG

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“A Versatile Leader”

Being a goals-oriented leader Jacopo Giuso, CFO at Frutco AG has been instrumental in bringing massive changes in the organizations he has been associated with over the years. Armed with his industry knowledge of over 15 years of experience in different industries, including but not limited to agribusiness, banking, energy, retail, real estate Jacopo has culminated as one of the most sought after CFO. That is also due to his in-depth financial advisory and investment banking experience accumulated over almost 10 years working for Big Four Firms (PwC and EY) and leading due diligence, valuation and M&A projects across the Americas (mainly Central America, but also Mexico and the U.S.), as well as advising an important U.S. hedge fund when working as Associate Vice President at Copal Amba - Moody’s Analytics.

"Frutco AG is since the very beginning representing one of the world's largest Banana Puree Productions Paradise Ingredients, Costa Rica, exclusively in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia."

He has been instrumental in promoting innovation throughout the implementation of new technologies and worked on growth financing to create a multinational group called Frutco AG.

Jacopo has been building high performing teams from scratch; and always keeping the team motivated and retaining talent. He has induced a culture among his team where professionality is a must along with social skills, respect towards each other and nature, trust and transparency. He inspires his team to think out of the box and finding innovative solutions, and to be skeptical and understand the reasons and rationale behind an issue to propose long-term solutions. He has also trained the team to be customer oriented, both for internal clients (other departments) and stakeholders in general. In an instance, while working as the CFO of one of the largest conglomerates in Central America, Jacopo contributed to the financial and organizational turnaround of one of the biggest exporters in Central America, going from a negative operating profit of USD 3MM to a positive EBITDA of USD 10MM in 3 years. He has also been leading, along with the CEO and the COO of the Company, the process of corporatization of FrutCo, including the enhancement of the internal controls and long-term strategy plans.

Owing to Jacopo’s knack to adopting new technologies Frutco AG group is working with SAP, aimed at having a real-time, detailed picture of the consolidated figures. The company has adopted to virtual meetings and was capable to timely react to the crisis generated by the Covid-19 and implement international meetings (in Europe and Latin America) to ensure a coordinated and effective communication among the Management Team. FrutCo has already implemented an Application Programming Interface (“APIs”) allowing to track efficiency, productivity and sustainability on most of its owned farms, in real-time. “We are also implementing payment solutions so our workers in rural areas can have money-wallet with integrated prepaid debit cards,” says Jacopo. “Since one of FrutCo most important pillars is sustainability, we look at implementing internet of things to reduce waste and increase efficiency, to both positively contributing to the worldwide environment as well as to benefit final customers.”

Today, Frutco’s products are the safest products for all worldwide, and Jacopo along with his entire team are working on maintain the same standards. They are committed to source 100% sustainable products by 2030 and reducing foodwaste by 100 % / Research on fibres but their secret sauce is close cooperation with external labs, monitoring international rules by QM team / escalation procedures, and vertical integration so they have one hand in every step of the process, from the farm, passing for the production and the distribution.

For the days to come, Jacopo along with his FrutCo team will be starting a Processing Plant with 36’000 tons of output Banana Puree conventional and Baby Food Quality in Colombia. They will also be Bringing Banana Peel Fibres to market at the end of the year and aim at finance two new processing plants in Latin America and Caribbean that would allow Frutco to further enhance its presence in the exotic fruits juices market while broadening its products portfolio. The company will focus on Africa and for this a collaboration agreement was signed with an Investment company and a Private Equity as they want to diversify their sources for production while positively contributing to the development of poor or underdeveloped countries, by creating new and better jobs, in this case in the sub Sahara area. IE


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Jacopo Giuso
CFO Frutco AG


We make sure that Quality and services will never be an issue to our valued customers. We will never compromise when it comes to the quality of our products. Our quality measure starts in the harvesting countries. We support the local farmers with any kind of know-how needed, from seedlings to infrastructure (and up to the economic side of the farming business).

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