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Guy Mincey
Founder & CEO of COREONYX

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“Creating, Implementing, & Successfully Delivering Critical Solutions”

In the COVID-19 pandemic era, rapid technology adoption faces unprecedented demand, and cloud enablement timelines have been dramatically accelerated to ensure the continuity of any organization’s mission. “Vision, innovation, agility, experience and ensuring we are technology agnostic have been critical success factors to deliver in these dynamic times with increased demand from our customers,” says COREONYX CEO Guy Mincey. “We are true solutions providers. With every customer, we have ensured from the onset to craft and wrap architectures, solutions and support around the business needs of our customers both present and future, ensuring the performance, scalability, transparency, and security essential to our customers’ ongoing mission execution and success.”

In 2018, COREONYX was forged by a passion for service, unflinching integrity, and unwavering commitment to their clients’ mission; COREONYX was created to deliver the value, quality, and integrity our client demand. In 2020, COREONYX acquired COLLECTIVE FLS as a Certified Veteran Enterprise CVE Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business SDVOSB and we continue to serve the country in support of our federal, state, local, U.S. Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community (IC) clients. “In just a little over 2 years, we continue to rapidly ascend with double digit growth through our proven performance, unwavering commitment and advocacy that creates an exceptional level of trust and confidence in serving our customers,” adds Guy.

"Not just “raising the bar” on service delivery, we ARE the bar and leading the way in service excellence, technological innovation and mission focus, to deliver the “Certainty of Outcome” our Customers Demand."

Because technologies are always changing, COREONYX takes the approach to invest pro-actively to internally pilot and test the most promising technologies of the future. Their forward-looking solutions architecture organization has the sole charter to investigate technologies and develop innovations for the future to ensure that they demonstrate value as the client advocate.

The cornerstone of COREONYX’s mission is to exceed the highest standards of delivery through innovative solutions that maximize the delivered value that the customers deserve. “Our clients deserve and demand the best. From the top-down, our mission is to deliver the value and success our customers demand by enabling effective mission delivery, lowering operational costs, and meeting the most difficult challenges head-on with a combination of passion, competency, honesty, and integrity,” adds Guy. “To deliver upon that commitment, it is essential that we make our way in the industry using a consistent mindset and quality approach which we have achieved with our ISO 9001:2015 Certification. “Further, our current and future success is built on a foundation of strong collaboration, transparency and respect for each member of our company. Our leaders are passionate knowing that they have responsibility and accountability to continuously develop and draw out the best in our people. Not just the technical, but also empower and propel each of our employees towards their own aspirations and helping chart the way, right by their side. The result of our approach is the creation and ascent of a high-performance culture that is all encompassing and celebrates the diversity and differences that are catalysts to creative innovation solutions for tomorrow.

Realizing these exponential benefits are not just to the employees, but our customers, company, and community alike. We are passionate about our communities and as a growing and successful organization, it is second nature for us to contribute to causes and initiatives that ensure that we all grow together, to create a better, smarter, and kinder world for tomorrow through our actions, not words. We see that as our responsibility and are honored to do so. That is at the heart of what makes COREONYX a continued success.

When combined with a small organization's agility and innovation, we are highly effective in executing as one, creating a seamless, high-performance organization (HPO). This is crucial for success since, in today’s times, the clients’ needs are often dynamic and present new and unprecedented challenges to succeed in their mission. “At COREONYX, we know that every client is unique, and each has our unwavering commitment and focus every step of the way. That isn’t just a statement; that is an action that we demonstrate every day,” he adds.

Innovation is never static

COREONYX has provided proven performance and served as a trusted partner supporting the U.S. Department of Interior for almost two decades. During the adoption and acceleration of the technology boom in the early 2000s, many private sector organizations saw this period as an evolution point, and the “internet” would fundamentally change every aspect of how business is done, creating significant opportunities in reach, efficiency, resources and time. In addition, the public sector realized the powerful advantages of enabling new tools and techniques in achieving their mission. As an example, within the U.S. Department of Interior, the creativity and vision for new ways of reaching its constituents were born, and COREONYX was there to guide them every step of the way. What started as a small but visionary development pilot in the early 2000s has since evolved into one of the most active, expansive, and efficient web service platforms of its kind in government, spanning more than 160,000 webpages, across 500 subordinate websites, managed by 1,500 content managers. “Through our proven performance and trusted partnerships over the past 15 years, COREONYX has and will continue to deliver with our DOI customers, the enhanced solutions capability and out of the box innovation to ensure the certainty of outcome to meet the demands of today while future-proofing their investments to meet the challenges of tomorrow,” concludes Guy. IE




Guy Mincey
Founder & CEO of COREONYX


Forged by passion for service, unflinching integrity, and unwavering commitment to our client’s mission, CoreOnyx was created to deliver the value, quality and integrity our clients demand. Comprised of a senior leadership team with more than 100 years of experience across government and industry, we are honored to bring our clients an extensive track record of mission success in creating, implementing and successfully delivering solutions and services across the Federal community. As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we continue to serve our country in support of our Federal, DoD and IC clients.

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