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Daniel Dunlop
Dunlop Productions

Patric Greer, CFO of Edkey

"Sharpen your focus on edge and perfection”

Dunlop Productions is a global live event production company. We are best known for creating, planning, and executing corporate meetings and events; original video production; live-stream experiences; and designing experiential events and environments, as stated by Daniel Dunlop, President of Dunlop Productions & Event Solutions. We love giving our clients a "WOW!" moment by giving them world-class production experiences that are characterized by creative and technical edge or excellence.

Daniels’s passion, charisma, and creativity create world-class events for Dunlop Productions. Dan has been a producer and director for more than 35 years and promotes innovation, creativity, and a solution-provider mindset among his workers and contractors. In every situation, he is calm and in charge, which allows the client team focus on their tasks without being distracted by technological problems.

Dunlop Productions will constantly lead in innovation, technology, and creativity. The long-term strategy aim is to remain an industry leader and a trusted solution provider to business partners who desire a trustworthy production source.

Daniel can detect an entrepreneur "in the wild." Determination and a fierce desire for greatness abound. You must always strive to be the best at what you do. You must believe in yourself even when others haven’t discovered that for themselves yet. Your reputation for excellence will grow. Since our beginning our motto has been, "Edge and perfection will never be compromised." Daniel says this has helped them establish a company focused on serving clients effectively and driven to be an industry leader.

Dan creates a fun, joyous atmosphere despite the high-pressure of live event production work. When expectations and deliverables are clearly stated, the Dunlop team has a contagious enabling atmosphere. Dunlop Productions' approach to production puts the client first in all they do. Relationships and service create a trusting culture. Dan tells clients, "If you like us in year 1, you'll like us even more in year 2 and beyond." This is because the team may be more perceptive about the client's wants and provide greater insight. He knows how to create unique audience experiences.

Dunlop Productions solves problems through effective planning which includes communication and articulated production schedules. DP was tasked with planning and producing a huge conference/festival/expo with an excess of 100,000 attendees. The DP team recognized that the event's success depended on mastering communication, executing successfully, and being upfront about the process and budgetary impacts. We used project management software, pre-production meetings, and production schedules to inform and keep the client always up to date. The DP team succeeded in obstacle, says Daniel. Our success hinges on empowering clients with all the information they need along the way.

Our events use the latest technology. Daniel explains that LEDs, animations, projection mapping, 3D scenic solutions, live video streaming, and live entertainment are included, according to Daniel. Dunlop Productions plans to live-stream an 8,000-musician, multi-stage, multi-venue music extravaganza. We'll leverage innovative streaming technologies to immerse viewers. We love using technology as artform.

Our "secret sauce" is experience, professionalism, competitive price, consistency, uniqueness, communication, perfection, and loving the process. A perfect show for us includes a consistent timeline of advancement coupled with flawless execution and delivery. says Daniel. We focus on partnering to understand the client's message and purpose. Dunlop Productions' great questions lead to outstanding solutions.

Daniel has accomplished several things of which he is proud: Dunlop Productions staged the world's largest environmental conference, event, or expo, with over 150,000 attendees. He served on the LBGBT Business Connect Committee for SuperBowl LIII, which granted millions in contracts to diverse suppliers. Dunlop Productions was named by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as the 4th largest LGBT-owned business in Atlanta in 2021. He was also the Georgia Business Alliance president (formerly the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce).

When Daniel is not working for Dunlop Productions, he enjoys traveling and discovering new restaurants in the Atlanta area. In addition, he is actively serving as Chair of the Board for the Voices of Note organization, which is the empowering organization of the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus and the Atlanta Women’s Chorus.

Daniel thinks great clients are Dunlop Productions' future. Live meetings and events, video production, live entertainment, music production, live broadcast, virtual meetings and events, and interactive immersive experiences will continue to grow and we will be there to take our clients into even more memorable experiences. IE


Dunlop Productions


Daniel Dunlop
Dunlop Productions


Corporate meetings, conferences, and special events are all defining moments where vision is shared, culture is affirmed, and inspiration translates to action. Dunlop Productions delivers creative solutions, event management, video & music production, scenic design & fabrication, and live entertainment for corporate events at a world-class level. Since our beginning in 2013, we have consistently “wowed” our clients by captivating their audiences, engaging their senses, and motivating them to take action.

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