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Christina Cravens
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“Reimagining Marketing Ideologies”

Being a marketing leader is one of the most rewarding positions in business but it’s not without its challenges. It requires consistent self-motivation and drive to make yourself better, make your team better, make your company better, and ultimately leave a positive impact on your industry. For Christina Cravens, Chief Marketing Officer of ResMan, a Property Management Software Company, this comes from a deep passion, pride, and desire to deliver beyond expectations and inspire young marketers as they grow their careers. However, self-motivation is only one aspect of being great at what you do. Cultivating and growing a great team is critical, requiring a keen intuition about people. It's more than knowing whether or not a person is qualified — Christina has a knack for bringing together the right people that can play off each other, support each other, push each other and thrive. She's consistently motivated teams to perform at higher than expected levels to make extraordinary things happen. Today's CMO requires openness and desire for change, and Christina’s skill for consistently reimagining the roles of marketing and sales so that the organization can emerge even stronger, allows her to build data-centric teams that can leverage the full power of insights and technology at their disposal. They are modern marketers in every aspect, with new skills, new processes and new ways of looking at customer relationships. Most importantly, these marketers understand the value of continuous engagement and learning and leveraging customer intelligence behind all marketing programs.

“ResMan was designed by property managers. We employ a listen-and-lead attitude to understand and anticipate the needs of our users and give your team the confidence and control you need to most effectively manage your mixed-asset portfolio.”

Just like the role of the CMO has changed to adapt to an increasingly digital world, the multifamily landscape is rapidly changing. This has rendered once tried-and-true marketing, leasing, and communication methods obsolete. Owners and operators are being forced to adapt or lose residents and revenue. Residents expect to search for apartments online, apply online, tour online, pay online, and even communicate with their property managers via SMS. ResMan was born in the cloud, and recently released new products to their platform that powers the virtual leasing office. ResMan’s Marketing suite offers beautiful, modern websites built to convert prospects into residents through interactive 3D site maps and the easiest to create virtual tours in the industry. ResMan Leasing products offer the most advanced online leasing solution, and bi-directional SMS resident communication is less than three clicks away from anywhere in ResMan. “Our open architecture and world-class partner network allow ResMan to scale with our customers. This creates one source of truth for their business,” says Christina. “When on-site staff, corporate, and owners can work from one platform, manual processes are eliminated, efficiency is gained, and time is saved.”

Christina is proud to help lead a company driving forward progress in its industry. “Being an innovator is about embracing change, listening to our users, and challenging the status quo. At ResMan, it's in our DNA,” she says. "We were built by property managers to directly solve business problems faced by property owners and operators." ResMan's user-centric approach and listen and lead attitude have led to a platform that feels more intuitive, comfortable, and incredibly easy to use. From the Boardroom, their interactive and customizable dashboard to the award-winning property websites, and everything in between, the company continues to set the standard and direction for how a property management solution should look, feel, and perform.

Customers at ResMan are a #1 priority, and Christina believes that every customer deserves a proactive, personal approach to communications, which goes a long way in terms of customer retention. “If you supply your customers with valuable content regularly, they'll develop a natural interest in and loyalty to your brand,” says Christina. In addition to continuous communication and educational content, it’s important to pair outreach with a customer loyalty program. The company launched ResMan Champions to incentivize a variety of behaviors, including conducting a reference call, providing a case study or video testimonial, sending referrals, and more. “We reward our customers with gifts, ResMan Edge User Conference tickets, referral payments, product discounts, and more,” adds Christina.

In today's challenging environment, Christina and her team of experts continue to innovate their work environment, business processes, and products to benefit the customer base. These include creating new product bundles by segment (SMB and Mid-Market), adding deeper discounts for products that enable virtual business, and launching new solutions that address the specific changing needs of the property management market. “We’re building a more robust library of educational resources in multiple formats, for example, and streamlining options for customer support to drive real-time engagement,” says Christina. “We aim to assist our customers in the best possible way.”

Over the years, Christina has found that by taking the time to thoughtfully communicate with customers and prospects with the right message and offers in the right way companies in the SaaS space see greater customer engagement, growth in the customer base and increased customer satisfaction.IE




Christina Cravens
CMO ResMan


ResMan® provides innovative technology solutions to the property management industry by making property investments and operations more profitable and easier to manage. Our enterprise class platform is garnering enthusiasm and advocacy from a new generation of multi-family leaders who aim to deliver consistent NOI improvement and breathtaking resident experiences in an easier and friendlier way than ever before. The industry is falling in love with our property management platform.

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